Making Basic GUI Applications with tkinter in Python 3


It’s fascinating!

This is fucking stupidity.

Hologram is it that advanced already I have never seen such Hologram presentation before



Any philosophical certainty presented in schools today had better be much more compelling than these lecturers. Don’t mean to belittle anyone but it’s just what I noticed today. It’s sad that times have gotten almost impossibly tangled up. Another brand of political hell endeavored in France today. I am wondering if there is a genuine lack of respect we Westerners just don’t get when it comes to current reporting and what we think of as relished political “freedom” Have we political freedom? Are we asking for too much? If what we write and what we think these days cause people to actually die how do we proceed?

There’s a huge spider in my room and I’ve been standing on my desk for three hours waiting for my mom. Move over Taylor Swift, I’m the most petty human ever.

The giver please.

Human conditioning more than anything else. . .. happens everywhere not just in india, they can free themselves if they wanted to. . . if they knew how.

He just says what fits in the tempo and the bars of the beat.

Why is there no male rape and violence victims show…only females…over 70 percent of rape victimizes are male…

No Battle Realms…

Change them to what? different man made rules?

One thing that is explained different was the chrysalis formation. Instead it forming from outside, the caterpillar sheds its skin at which during that process the Chrysalis is formed from the inside of its before skin.


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