I study acting and we use a lot of these warmups for voice class! Love this.

+Bozeman Science thanks so much I watched all your videos for AP Bio last year and now i’m in AP Environmental Science. Perfect timing!


I come here for the memories, anyone else?

Washington Post= Fake News

Thanks for the advice.

Summer is Rick and summer had a sex change after Rick died it was too much for her to see her Grandpa dead and took up his identity in the future

Praise Paul

Anyone else have this glitch where the video replays itself but still with current audio?

“Weaponized Intertextuality”??? All you said was that bad movies are bad, and good movies are good. I get that it can be over done, but unless you create a new franchise with all the excitement of discovering the Matrix for the first time, there is nothing better than revisiting that world again. I don’t understand how this can be a problem unless the movie is bad… Then you just have a bad movie. Who cares about everything else?

(Just, like, my opinion, man): I don’t think any Marvel movie seemed flat and dull from the first viewing. Only after the second time does it appear so to me. DC movies seem too visually busy the first time and are better the second time around. This means I enjoy going to theaters for Marvel more.

I will finish off by saying everyone has a measure of control over people. We are all “farmers” and we are all slaves (even the government). Also livestock has no voice and cannot speak out against its farmers, we can. We can change governments, legislation and laws.

Kash aap jisa teacherhamei mil gaya hota hum b aapki tarah english bol pate

On the Road

Great! I’m not against robots, I would love to see more homeless people (unemployment). Way to go! Don’t forget, robots cannot replace first responders jobs, even tho its low pay. It cannot replace doctors, because then people wont go to hospital and eventually die. Personally, I’m taking acting classes, I workout everyday, I go to school and I work. I’m a construction worker. Well why? I could’ve just apply at work at McDonalds or Walmart, but no, I chose hard physical job because I like it. I’m a simple guy, I drive a normal (non self driving car) and I’m happy with it. No matter what, even if robots will replace everything here on earth, I will still prepare coffee for myself, get my food ready, build a house with my own hands, drive on my own, do things on my own EVEN when I can just use a robot. World changes, but I’m not. I live my own life. I do things what makes me happy. But there all thousands of people who is not interested in robots, nor career that has to do with robots. So, what that means? We’ll have more employment. And which that means…MORE CRIMES AND MORE HOMELESS! But if that’s what we want…sure. Replacing low cost jobs? Part time jobs? Then where will teens work? Interesting huh? For me it doesn’t matter, even though i work 24/7 and i might get only 2-6 hours of sleep. I’m happy, I’m not working with robots. My job is to be in front of a camera, and the technology that is used, I’m not allowed to use it (like cameras, sound, etc.) So its not a problem. But all I say, is the world will end sooner than you think. We become lazier, we become more geek person. We rely more on technology than we should to our brains. So….with the world that is coming…i don’t wanna live anymore lol. But suicide is not an option…hmmm…but maybe it is for others….think about it. Think about not your self, but others.

India is a wonderful place to visit.

Mam mne graduation m bsc ki h m MBA hr de kt skta hun

I’m southern and I didn’t notice at first he was doing a southern accent. 🙂 🙂 Bless!

This Marxist template was next applied to the black man’s plight in the 50s and 60s,

Theory ftw

Could you re-make these videos? @ACDCLeadership


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