Modulo Colorama para Python [3- Cursor]


Great stuff. The random cuts to people unrelated to the story while another person is talking are a bit distracting/strange.

Yes they do, because my language is Arabic! And you showed enough examples in your video, we call it “I’raab”

Nah do this for sahbabii he thug on steroids

“If you are a rock be a magnet, if you are a plant be sensitive, if you are a man be love”

Their ‘jokes’ make me want to kill myself

It was good at first then she started rambling. I’m not an expert at all and but i don’t think thats good and her hands would probably distract too much from what shes saying. She shouldve taken bits and pieces from her little speech and put them togther.

RIP Alex ~ Hope there’s more “yummy bread” and “banerries” waiting for you in heaven.

Lol I’m just wondering if he couldn’t figure out how to actually rearranged them himself.

Also I’m taking my first coding class right now (C#) and this game is a lot like the pseudocoding we use for problem solving.

You are a god send. You deserve all the high-fives in the world.

Hey Jacka boy. I love your turbo dismount videos and every video you make

Don’t look at me like that!

Knives, or selling knives, we will put you in jail. Its for your own

Rounded letters 🙂

They don’t look gay, nor conceive of themselves as ‘gay’ or ‘homosexual’,

Nice but waste of time

Hello friends

Thank you, for your video.


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