Monte Carlo Simulation and Python 3 – Simple Bettor Creation


Thanks perfect timing. Hope I pass

Great explanation for this subject. This content is super clear and solid.


+Oliver Jack listen to this. It’s very interesting

Hope to see a day where all these unfairness and untouchablity are abolished and its an equal oppurtunity for all

Thugger the GOAT

Is he single? Because I find him oddly attractive and fascinating.

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Can civilizations or groups (tribe, village, family) exist without any form of economics?

More people should read Emerson, one of the greatest without a doubt, not just as a writer, but a thinker. His words are always with me, a great teacher of life. I’d love to see a video on Carl Jung, please!

A solution – probably used more than once – create a Lingua Franca, an Esperanto.

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Have you studied Bruno Ganz’ vocal technique for Hitler in “Downfall”?

Pretty informative! I’m an Iranian, and I’ve never watched a video as accurate as this one!

Nice video!!


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