Monty Python-Holy Hand Grenade


Very nice

Like the eyes of baxter 👁👀

Actually i want to ask one thing about introduction can i write first about the (importance of exercise )secondly background statement thirdly thesis forthly body paragraphs n lastly conclusion??


The ending to this video is incredibly Marxist. A stateless non-aggression society is marxist. Anyone else notice that?

And I haven’t even touched upon the use of new age language which is very common in this field. For example, how many people (including authors/speakers themselves) really understand what is meant by self-help concepts such as ‘energy’, ‘vibrations’, and ‘frequencies’? These terms are never explained by purveyors of self-help. This terminology itself makes rational people hesitate to look any further. You can’t just talk about manipulating energies or vibrations (or worse, use the word ‘quantum’) and expect people to take you seriously. And if your specific technique for some reason actually does work, then the usage of new age terminology is really a shame, as it will keep the technique from reaching the more sceptic crowd, who in spite of their scepticism may actually be searching themselves for something that they deem legitimate.

= “Khan academy offers higher utility per 60 seconds than 60 seconds of time in class.”

His mouth was moving, words were coming out, but i still dont know what NLP is.

Luke skywalker

I think Luther was a lot of Americans the night Trump got elected

Huh? How completely incoherent. Serious question: Have you ever actually read any Chomsky or do you just shallowly skim wikipedia entries of terms associated with him?

Hmmm… once they said immigrants I knew this was biased. Liberal propaganda!!! (Some news outlets publish stories on immigrants because… wait for it… a lot of Americans are indeed negatively affected by the large inflow of people into their community! Ever heard of invasive species? It’s what happens when a species (not even necessarily inherently bad) invades the area of another species, and the two are so different that they have issues coexisting.


I study at UPENN, and I just wanted to thank you for all your videos. They help me so much. I hope you keep making videos like these.

The first Pirate of the Caribbean used intertextuality really good.

I love it

This dude in the Wu Tang hat trying to tell Martin Shkreli what he should spend money on. I’m not a big fan of Martin Shkreli, but don’t try to tell someone what they should spend their money on.


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