Python 3: install PyQt4


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5. We

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And why is he also a pony?

To sum it up in a nutshell, these three elements could greatly benefit the building of the new middle school, and could possible work together to mold one of the best options for saving money and keeping a clean environment.

Please run for president 🙂

Avant garde experimental cinema in the 20s and 30s is a good start?

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Hm. I’m antisocial. I generally dislike people, and avoid social situations. I also love languages. What a pickle.

I don’t know about anybody else, but it is hard for me to consistently give myself a meaning. The meanings that I come up with; I do not even know what they are. All I know is that sometimes they drive me to do something. However, I need a meaning because then I feel void, apathetic, and bored. And these are dreadful feelings; I would rather feel grief than be an empty being.

1.there was a painted arrow where it leads to my school

It was like one last gift

Hi guys we are have a new experiments channel and would be very happy if you would be able to preview and evaluate us. I know own advertising stickt but how should one reach someone else.

The Martian Andy Weir


Python-3 Dictionary


It is assumed that because I hold a different opinion & promote it strongly, that this is evidence of lack of self-esteem, close-mindedness, incivility, stupidity, & having ‘no life’.

Black Swan Green?

This video made me Cum… Mainly cuz of the delicious code

I categorized life into those who feared/hated death and those who didn’t mind it. The ones who feared/hated it were the ones who enjoyed it’s momentary tastes(pleasure) such as sex, luxury, refinements, alcohol and amusements, these people I thought feared death as it would put an end to all those enjoyments and these people I assumed didn’t want that and so in turn they hated/feared death. Whereas those who didn’t care for death were those who abandoned such enjoyments, but a person who didn’t have such enjoyments and never abandoned such pleasures but yearned for it were the same as those who feared and hated death because they never abandoned the want of those enjoyments. Although a bit of enjoyment was ok.


A nice video

Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you

Can you like, come to Rime, Italy and kinda marry me?


Are you saying that Psychopaths doesn’t have essence?

Simple and excellent explanation about Globalisation

Age of empires online

What. About. Sims???

This video has had helps me with my noledge of engrish

“hanging out with your friends”


Monty Python-Holy Hand Grenade


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Like the eyes of baxter 👁👀

Actually i want to ask one thing about introduction can i write first about the (importance of exercise )secondly background statement thirdly thesis forthly body paragraphs n lastly conclusion??


The ending to this video is incredibly Marxist. A stateless non-aggression society is marxist. Anyone else notice that?

And I haven’t even touched upon the use of new age language which is very common in this field. For example, how many people (including authors/speakers themselves) really understand what is meant by self-help concepts such as ‘energy’, ‘vibrations’, and ‘frequencies’? These terms are never explained by purveyors of self-help. This terminology itself makes rational people hesitate to look any further. You can’t just talk about manipulating energies or vibrations (or worse, use the word ‘quantum’) and expect people to take you seriously. And if your specific technique for some reason actually does work, then the usage of new age terminology is really a shame, as it will keep the technique from reaching the more sceptic crowd, who in spite of their scepticism may actually be searching themselves for something that they deem legitimate.

= “Khan academy offers higher utility per 60 seconds than 60 seconds of time in class.”

His mouth was moving, words were coming out, but i still dont know what NLP is.

Luke skywalker

I think Luther was a lot of Americans the night Trump got elected

Huh? How completely incoherent. Serious question: Have you ever actually read any Chomsky or do you just shallowly skim wikipedia entries of terms associated with him?

Hmmm… once they said immigrants I knew this was biased. Liberal propaganda!!! (Some news outlets publish stories on immigrants because… wait for it… a lot of Americans are indeed negatively affected by the large inflow of people into their community! Ever heard of invasive species? It’s what happens when a species (not even necessarily inherently bad) invades the area of another species, and the two are so different that they have issues coexisting.


I study at UPENN, and I just wanted to thank you for all your videos. They help me so much. I hope you keep making videos like these.

The first Pirate of the Caribbean used intertextuality really good.

I love it

This dude in the Wu Tang hat trying to tell Martin Shkreli what he should spend money on. I’m not a big fan of Martin Shkreli, but don’t try to tell someone what they should spend their money on.


Python3: Starting Up Python3 on a Raspberry Pi


Lao Tzu sounds so cute…. hahaha

Well in my opinion he is lucky that he can afford to go to private hospital and go for a break some people haven’t got that opportunity

Fenno-Ugric people (todays Hungarians, Finns, Estonias and minorities in Russia) migrated from Ural mountains region. They probably had some contact with Indo-Europeans early on (just a wild guess…). Hungarians seem to disagree and as always all scientist don’t all agree. At the end of this video i started the wander where are Hungarians? They came after this video ended.

Too bad I can’t fit very much into 26 lines of a standardized writing sheet for an English test.

— Plan your ideas to discuss*

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Such reorganization is in existence already.

Where is Georgian language?

This is awesome!! You are helping me so much with economics and I enjoy your videos!! Do you have a video more on substitutes and complementary?

I’m a logger btw.

How to speak so that people want to listen? – Dont be bald

Interviewer: What will Donald trump do next?

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This video broke my heart

I like ur pronounciation today i learn many things

Why is the PPF graph not linear?

Fruitful and beautiful presentation. thanks a lot.



Definitive Guide To Pandas For Python – 3 ***2017***


E-ffect on reader

Nobody exists on purpose

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I was taking my oral exam in French and my professor asked me a question and I accidentally answered in Spanish. She counted it correct then proceeded to ask me the next question in Spanish. It just ended up with us both looking awkwardly at each other for a second then laughing. Now whenever we see each other around we end up speaking in a mixture of english, spanish and french.

Sad but true

Excuse the tangent, if you will, but the thing about atheism is that it requires faith. Atheists state an absolute without proof as fervently as theists state the opposite absolute. I once was an atheist, but I realized that no one knows one way or the other. No one has proof. Every single person that ever lived could be completely off the mark when it comes to their beliefs. Eventually, I discovered a philosophy that closely matched my own thinking. I now consider myself an Absurdist.

Specialists there squeezed out a hitherto-unknown malignant B. M.I. (Brain Mass Index) analysis that was nothing less than SHOCKING!

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שלמה קוגן דואר ישראל

Of this world. Stomach this, 90% of Youtube users.

The day will arrive when they’re redundant & I’ll be watching from a distance to take glee in their ultimate demise.

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Not even an honorable mention to Mrs Dalloway or The metamorphosis??

Are the hungarian and german versions available anwhere?

You look so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so Good & Handsome 😭 tell me you don’t i might get over it! Just found your channel today 😯😢


Python 3 Programming Course: 8 – Conditional Statements


The guys got great sense of humour and he’s quite intelligent as well

Thr ideas have been well potrayed. Can you please make further videos on the philosophy of Bhagwat Gita and basic tenets of Hinduism? People will find it is not very far off Buddhism, and have them clear yheir superstitions regarding it

#3: Start Mixing.

Is it me or he is rapping or could be with quite ease?

It’s not their own superior knowledge of how language “should be”, it’s their knowledge of how language IS. English isn’t some freetime hobby we kind of take part in for the sake of it. English is like a house; the more thought, time and understanding put into building it the stronger it’s going to be, except in this case knowing English is free which leaves no excuse. Few people who express bad English are doing so simply by choice and actually know how to speak/write. Those who don’t know how to speak/write (given that they’ve had ample opportunity to learn) make a mockery of the language along with making themselves appear unintelligent.

Sophie’s Choice deserved a mention. Fine list though

Better at 2x

Me: I am a very confusing human being and that I will forever be lonely, but I didn’t need a handwriting lecture to know that. 😂😂😂

Bro it was good

The song at the beginning of the movie is an Iranian (Persian) song performed by “Salar Aghili”. Yo can hear it at https://soundcloud. com/sepehrijan/track-1

Microwave music. This isn’t lyricism now call me a hater

My handwriting never change anytime😀

Please take that voice away

I just want to ask all these pandit’s and brahmin’s that has any god ever spoke to them or told them to do so…

Love you so much! ❤️ your videos so inspirational! Xx

They of all people should understand that non-programmers wouldnt figure it out as quickly

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This isn’t microecnomics this is macro

The contradiction and mental conflict arises from the fact you are stuck between choosing one or the other and thinking within these two paradigms. A psychological conundrum that is not real.

Leland Stanford Junior University is named after the child of Leland Stanford, not himself. smh😒

Man o man

Ummmmmm doesn’ t apply to me at all

2:07 Anyone else sing & hum to the outro?


Алгоритмы на Python 3. Лекция №11


It’s wHat so it wouldn’t be pronounced H-Wut, it would be pronounced W-Hut

Thank you for the tutorials Mr. Sato. These videos are helping me prepare for the California Subject Examinations for Teachers (CSET) essay questions. However, Mr. Sato, what are some strategies, answering an essay question if I do not have knowledge of the essay topic? I do not know what essay questions are on the CSET. Thank you for your advice.

Ain’t that just like the book of Eli

This linguist wasted two year of her life studying the way Trump speaks and found out what what every one else knows in 5 minutes, that he is a fucking idiot.

Can you guys make few types of nukes? Like cheaper for one s that have small range and low damage, and very expensive for high range and high damage.

I think he was on the moon while giving this speech lol

I sit a lot awkwardly around people but I don’t hate my family or anyone… But maybe it depends on the person

YOU are the Hyperbole BS!!!!!!

Thoughts don’t influence actions! Even more, you can’t control your negative self image by saying – now I am going to believe in myself and going to look at myself in a positive light. That’s just the usual garbage we find everywhere. Why do they let someone so incompetent on the subject talk about it at all!? Oh, I am loosing confidence in these TEDx talks.

How destructive, even aliens hate us

This was interesting AF

Biggie Flow has the sexiest grouping of words you will ever read or listen to.. Eminem has a special way of writing as well which makes me consider him one of the best ever.

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Lol humans are resourceful…it really works for me

There will be communism. Everyone will remain on handouts.

You come across as a MASSIVE faggot in this video. Not the rarely used gay slur, but the general douchebag faggot sense. So high up on yourself for really taking this seriously and researching. With only an inclining of backbone you wouldn’t default to the, “well there must be a valid reason if they’re so upset”. Instead you should, as an adult, be able to recognize idiots that would get offended over a shirt aren’t to be taken seriously.

An Idiolect sounds like something that we would call a language for idiots lol

Man make your videos beter if you want eny likes.

Jack àte iop and toke drugs

Salman plz consider this question


TextLand: new textual user interface in Python 3 with ncurses from Canonical


Sorry, I just really like that song 😂

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Fuck Iran.

Backing to support it, and is largely propagated by lies and deceit and

Thanks, excellent explanation

This is Dennis from Always Sunny

First 2 questions is i think my conscience would kick in… first one was similar

She is using I-statements…

Shes the first one to do this even BETTER than almost ALL democrats, so many are masters of this. Chubby should shut the f up and sit down.

Why there’s no example on the in text online citations? I really needed this!

This woman is an expert at what? He doesn’t speak like average Joe. He speaks like that guy who’s full of shite and everyone can tell it. Yeah. That guy. Not average at all.


Looks like colin firth in pride and prejudice

This is amazing, Thank you for making it.

Yess go to holland!! Love living here and it is beautiful. My country is the best!! Haha

GDP gnp formula mistake


Principle #3 twice Learns languages fast but not numbers. Just joking but he did have two 3’s

I am watching this so I can write fan fiction


How to Remove Dupilcate Data using Pandas Matplotlib in Python : Tutorial 3 in Jupyter Notebook


Great videos

2. Reason for argument

So he didnt go to princess school like Obama. Trump is an intelligent capitalist who is putting american economic interests first. Hes not going around the world apologizing for America like B. O. or nuking up Iran and N Korea. I’m tired of you pinko commie leftists with your shallow mindedness. grow up and educate yourselves

“Now you can call all of your friends you understand supply and demand.”

Most people do not even care nor realize what is actually going on in todays world. But why should we care? Our demise is going to happen sooner or later. Or maybe not. Maybe us humans will find a way to become immortal, or maybe we really will end oursleves. What do the rest of you fellow humans think? What do you really think will happen in 20-100 years? Or maybe even longer? I am interested to know.


Www. helpwithassignment. com

Is was so helpfull omg!!!!!

He doesn’t speak like my friends or family. They use multiple syllable words and complete, proper sentences. Have you ever read a transcript of a Trump rant? Don’t listen to it, read it. The intellectual immaturity of him will jump right out at you. Like the ghost writer of his book said, he’s got the maturity and intellect of a 9 year old.

I see more mistakes then learning. Did you graduate with a b+? Please post a video where g. e.d writing essay has simple movie 5 paragraph writing..iam having a diffucult time. Fingers crossed:-)

And someone should take the fat fucking sunglasses wearing priest to alley and pop two behind his head. all his arguments are so stupid. those poor kids deserve to be educated, it is their right. someone should set up a fund for them and get them educated and get good jobs then for their graduation present send them back to india to take a dump infront of them priests houses.

I really like the way you explain it, it’s easy and fun to watch, thankyou!

I’m Laughing so hard RIGHT NOW, THIS video basically describes what has been happening for the last YEAR WITH all the Russia BS

E-lasticity, what a guy

◥⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙◤.. / \ Youtube if you are with us

Loved it except for the “at least DC have this figured out” — bull. DC movies look like cheap studio knockoffs of what Marvel does. Maybe it’s the overuse of CG or a dependence on everything being a greenscreen, but to me there’s really no comparison if you’re talking color pallet and texture.

People actually think harvard has good education anymore. That’s laughable. It’s just a cesspit of regressive leftwing ideology now. I mean look at this discussion as an example, it already has removed the context of who the people is, so how is that scenario accurate for a real life situation? it says that the people are of equal value from the very start. now that can happen ofcourse, but highly unlikely.


Zaal3 Sylvain Viollon – Tornado and IO in Python 3


One teacher says use hook, other says do not, I am not sure whether I should use it or not

-If it’s 0, then we get a contradiction because by our method, there should be a 1 here then

Thank You

It’s despicable that a so called man of God, an Indian priest, supports such discrimination..what a loud of bull..I don’t a believe any “God” would accept such discrimination..this is mans way of controlling the masses. India will never improve and it’s true they are still one of many ” racist” countries, but ironically racist to their own people.


Rick and Morty. more of it. more and more and more and morty and more of it

I voted for Trump, Volunteer at my local church feeding homeless vets and passing out clothes. I am a member of a church and I enjoy sculpting wood.. I also know that the history of philosophy was invaded by marxism along with our schools because once you hold power there you can often sway public thought… Lucky for us, the US is a majority Christian nation who leans center right thus the power swung to Trump because Obama took it too far left and showed America what south America, Cuba and other commie nations know… It does not work.

You’re the direct object because you’re being hit, or ‘verbed’.


Got My Exam on Monday!!

Every time i watch your videos – im so amazed. wish we had you in South Africa.

Removed and re-uploaded? For those of us who watched the first version, what part was changed so we can re-watch more specifically?


Omg. The Scorpio races one….the first day of November! that’s my birthday!

My god this is everything I’ve wanted people to realise

I freaking love Nando de Freitas! His talks and lectures are always great!

Faith based on understanding is the true key to freedom – blind faith is useless. The first bump in the road it’s gone.