Python 3 Install on Windows – Enviroment Variables


Foucault was bullshiter. now when I know about his homosexuality, that explains his need for some of the crap he had written. worthless pseudo-intellectual character full of relativisation without so much substance behind it. I read a few of his essays in the faculty. it was so empty and pointless I forgot what it was about, I supressed it

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1.)Khastriyas (Ram), 4000 B. c

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We in the left have been using these tactics whilst mixing it with identity politics, this is just something we’ve brought about on ourselves, we’ve been strawmaning republican positions for years, we weren’t critical enough of our own side when Obama had power and now all these hypocrites are coming out against Trump. I’m a little tired of all these people, and I’m actually looking forward to immigration reform, it’s been brushed under the rug for too long.

It can be both scripting and coding, Jack. I can’t code that great, but I can script in Linux alright, if I do some research, and build on what I’ve done previously. Taking notes helps too.

Khanacdemy, thank you so much for all of ur tutorials. ur the best tutor that i’ve had in my entire life and oh my god.. ur service is free!

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Your heart’s been aching but you’re too shy to say it

Thanks for your videos. Just want to know if you have any Tips video for IELTS Reading & Writing for General Training candidates because I’ve only seen tips for Academic exams only.

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The cure for depression is balancing both positive and negative thoughts, because that is where truth emerges.

“This is how the hunger games starts”. I work with children and It breaks my heart that they actually think that the book can come true, due to everything that has been happening.

Why does frodo have glasses???

Can you do a video on video games if a should play them or not

Theres only one way to find ou-

This was the game that made me realize I had no future with any form of software augmentation.

Sudden strike2 is missing


Seriously helpful, Mr. Jewell! I will be sharing with my AP class in Atlanta, Georgia!

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[1] How To Make A Calculator In Python 3


I guess I’m just talking to myself.

BULLSHIT! The proto-Indo-European language is MUCH MUCH older than that and originated in Anatolia (Asia Minor, present-day Turkey). Indo-European languages were spread via Neolithic farmers, not a bunch of nomadic steppe niggers.


C quoi se jeux? … je vais regarder et après je commente :p

You are a life saver! I still dislike microeconomics

You are such a cool prof. I wish 1% of my professors at my “ivy” league university were that realistic

Thankyou, i have my english A level exam tomorrow and i got some interesting notes from this which should prove beneficial. much appreciated

You explained it better than my professor

Because I really love this game and am not sure if my computer can take the graphics

애벌레가 무척 귀엽네요

Эт афтоняк, екнэк.

“But it ain’t been real good.”

To give up your humanity, it to give up life itself. As moral men, they ought to die as moral men.

Thank you this makes things much clearer

Pinches anuncios, portesen serios hps de youtobe

Al quran


ASCII Art Cat in Python 3


I am interested to have a copy of this system. how ca i get it? i am now connected with the HR department. this will be a big help and will facilitate the information dissemination to all our employees.

Yaay Foucault! You never cease to amaze me! Good work guys! Many thanks from france 🙂

My dad personally doesn’t have an interest in YouTube and hardly watches YouTube videos but when I showed him Prince Ea’s videos he literally cried. He kept saying “So true man.” I NEVER see my dad cry or get tears in his eyes but this really got him AND me. I’m really happy he watched this with me.💘

Granth hsiab consider sweeper filthy

Anyone who cannot see the bullshit is brain dead or has no mind of that works on its own creep from hell you want him as anything but a reality con man dream on u. s.a. SAD

Ahhhh the beginning of this made me so anxious. 60 seconds!? Thanks for explaining it again.

@1:41 ….. wth was that? clue – eye

Allow me to ask… where are the Thacians within this “history” you are teaching us?

There’s also the ablative case, used in Latin with certain prepositions in the singular. (In the plural, it’s the same as dative.) And there’s the vocative case, used for addressing the second person and sometimes similar to the nominative: (“Kyrie” is Greek for “O Lord.”)

The 12 stages are similar to legends of zelda a link between worlds

I really wish that you would do a basic yoga routine because I really liked your other video on yoga ☺ xx

Hey eve, I am in year 11 and I have made all my mindmaps for English lit, and know that I have created them what would you recommend me to do like should I just recap my notes I made on my mindmap or something else xx p. s your highlight is poppin😍🔥

@WolYou My pet theory is that hope/faith/religion were necessary for our early ancestors to survive and this hardwired predilection became genetically ingrained through natural selection. Hopeless humans simply don’t do well in extreme survival situations.

The breaks were responsible only in the first story the second the man that took control is responsible in the second

You forgot the Indo Europeans in America.

I Enjoy these videos and they help me, im taking macro next year so i will be back but its the end of this semester for me..

… AND IDIOTS GO TO INDIA FOR enlightenment???

Your videos are very very helpful to me. thank you sir..!!

Bascally if the USA made Wheat (Which it does) It’s cheaper cause the USA is good at it.

“A 30 second answer is ideal” according to the caption at the beginning…then she talks for three minutes. Thanks for the consistent advice.

What about Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan or Robin Hood?

Tl;dr skip to and don’t waste your time.

She twiddles and flinches like she’s uncomfortable, but talks and talks about herself. I wouldn’t hire her. Also, rule of the skirt– answer long enough to cover it, but short to keep the interest.


Python Challenge Episode 3 – regex, urllib (Python 3.x)



If your Christian you know that earth is about 8000 years old

I am NOT EVEN KIDDING.. your words.. are fucking orgasmic x LOVE THIS x

Thank u sir for making economics easy to us…….

Omg, this video is amazing!

Indo-Aryan (including Dardic), attested from around 1400 BC in Hittite texts from Asia Minor, showing traces of Indo-Aryan words.[16][17] Epigraphically from the 3rd century BC in the form of Prakrit (Edicts of Ashoka). The Rigveda is assumed to preserve intact records via oral tradition dating from about the mid-2nd millennium BC in the form of Vedic Sanskrit.

Currently i am learning french.

Analyze Michael Shannon as The Iceman in “The Iceman” next time!!

I have yet to see a window through his public (and occasionally meant-to-be private) language that reveals a deep and thoughtful and highly intelligent brain from this gigantic suit of fast-food accumulation, hot air, and age.

The moment you realize you were watching a presentation which lasted a whole hour but you cant pay 5 minutes of attention to your teacher in school. this is exactly the kind of lesson i wished to have at my school in germany!

This is absolutely fantastic. Jargon-free and down to earth. I’m about to start my lit. review at the start of a PhD and to be honest it is a daunting prospect. I don’t see my supervisor as often as I’d like to as I work full-time and I have so many questions that I rarely get through them when we do meet. Keep up the good work.

Genetic studies deny this video!

Exactly. He doesn’t want to explain because he can’t explain wack. When it’s wack it’s wack see what I’m saying

This is interesting to watch in 2015

Score: 300. Mental age: 9-16. Desc: You have the mental age of a young teenager. Me: Oh yup i’m 11.

Much respect


Advanced Python 3: Where and If on Vectors


I liked this video a year ago. Now when I watch it again I wish I could click the ”like” button more times again.

I am hispanic and Asian and lived in America. Ive learned Japanese and Spanish mother and my fathers side and English from America. But somehow I’m still dumb asf

I think buddha was born in bihar(India)

:))))) guys, we are living in science time, not in guesstimate time 🙂 , According to National Geographic Genome researches, not all but many of today’s Europen Nation’s came from Central Asia, remember white mummies of Central Asia dating 4000 years ago, they are blond and have colored eyes, tall people, 100 hundreds of them found, But no one ever found any thing about white race in İndia or Africa, Persia!

Lol, are you kidding me? This guy is so intelligent.

+Nerdwriter1 Look I get there is sexism and it is a problem, and I do think the guy’s shirt was inappropriate – even if it was pro-women (and maybe it is?) – for the venue, but I really don’t think him wearing it is a symptom of sexism. He wasn’t being a ‘winner’ – “Hey I got one over you ladies, you’ll never have this kind of job and career, hahaha, men are better, I’m going to wear a depiction of you in scantily clad clothes to assert my dominance.” I really really doubt that was the subconcious thinking that led him to wear that shirt. In fact that’s what we should ask: why did he wear that shirt? Maybe he thought it empowered women, maybe he thought a guy wearing a cool shirt would get the attention of kids, both boys and girls – and it had nothing to do with subconsciously enjoying institutionalized male status.

What freedom? born in slavery, death in slavery.

Thank u sir

4:14 “cex” HAHA xD

Thank you~

This lesson is resourceful and helpful.

What he seems to be implying.

Yeah, my family and friends aren’t narcissistic assholes who constantly lie, and degrade people using a 6th grade vocabulary.

I think that we could all benefit from a more interactive education system focusing a little more on important life issues. This video raises some very important flaws with current day education. The problem might lay partially in the fact that universities are set up as businesses. I am currently trying to figure out how to make learning for younger people an exciting and interactive experience. The internet is a powerful tool that if used wisely can benefit us all!

That savage who told his own owner to pick up trash


My favourite market basket is the 12 days of Christmas basket – the price of:



Khomeni didn’t create Hezbollah. Hezbollah was created by Abbas Musawi.


Python 3 Practice Codingbat Warmup 1 Part 1


How exactly would you go about giving an original personal response in a Literature essay or extract analysis?

At last someone who thinks like me…

He probably owns slaves too. Cousin Fucker

Call me a psychopath for saying this, but in my opinion, you have to kill both 5 workers and 1 guy. First, you get rid of 5 people and jump out of the train to chase down and kill the last surviving guy. My reason for such extreme course of action is to ensure that none of them spread the news of my action. If the word gets out that I killed someone to save life over another life, that would make me a murderer regardless of my pure and good intention. Why should I go to jail for something I had no control over? I may argue that I had to make decision, but what if the judge still decides I’m still a murderer? No matter who you kill, either way you are gonna get fucked. So? Might as well kill all of them, pretend nothing happen, and move on with my life. I’m sorry for the victims but I gotta live too.

O_O Woah! Already reach $2,229,344. Definitely can’t wait for this!

Hey, what if the heart beats too fast, Will we die of high blood pressure? What if we run too fast and that pain in the chest builds up. I feel too tired and i can taste a matallic taste building up on my tounge. Why do people get that taste when they run? I also feel like my chest will explode. Thats painfull. I think that the ha

Funny video exactly what I was looking for i appreciate you wish you could do more similar video to this. “that was way short too”.

Are you going to make more episodes?

I see a trend in the comments. Apparently I’m not the only one who got recommended this out of the blue. Creepy.

@Deepskies1 then you’d become a pro, at life!

Does anyone speak Bengali? the sweetest language in the world?

I wish I had of read this before getting a 2:2 on my last exam :’) #moron

Mark Cuban teaches economics?

In my World Studies class we’re learning of how the United States portrays the ENTIRE continent of Africa consisting of 56 countries in such a horrible light and will never broadcast amazing stories or events in a lot of countries there. We were told to say the first word that came to mine, there other students thought of horrible things: genocide, slavery, and basically all the stereotypes of Africa which had made me furious. I said “Booming Economy” and “Independent Nations”. In the top list of booming economies across the globe, there are 6 African countries on that list. Bet you didn’t know that, since the media would never say that. I don’t like how people would ask “Do you speak African”, an ignorant question, but they need to learn to be more aware of news outside this country. Every country will have multiple languages, such as in Nigeria which has over 500 different languages. Plus, we were suppose to bring in an article of any African news story, and guess what, most students brought in negative articles, but I didn’t. Relatives of mine from Nigeria are wealthy, not the racist stereotype that every single citizen within any freaking African country is labeled as poor and uneducated. We as young U. S citizens need to bring a positive awareness of every continent like Asia, Africa, or South America instead of always focusing on countries in Europe and North America. Coming from a 9th grade freshie.


Hi, It’s a great video i saw today. Just one question – What does it mean when a girl is not looking at you and still engaging you with some topics to talk.

Very nice lessons!!! ty so much

I’m the biggest Marvel Stan but Civil War and CA:TFA has such WASHED OUT coloring

I think i am just going to go kill my self. i have never done a essay in my life. it looks so hard and i code video games.


Set and Frozenset Methods – Python 3


Thank you!!

Do I really have to change my personality so I can have nicer handwriting

1)Anna Karenina-Tolstoy

Thx it totally solved my all prblms related to national income

Thank you very much.

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We studied this in 6th grade.

The Federal Government runs the media…. they are upfront about it but somehow we all tend to forget…..

Kinda of like the dull version, it make violent scene less dramatic and give superhero toy like look for 3D printing and toys market implementations, it also aimed for all ages audiences, so the image has a compromised style

Ocd treatment helped me to find existencialism by my own

If we know for a fact that pushing the fat man saves 5 people then yes, push the fat man. In the case of the doctor the doctor would have to sacrifice himself first. If you believe that killing one person to save five is alright then you have to go first.

For instance, almost all our scientific breakthroughs have come through so called basic research, that’s research without a specific product in mind, kind of an “let’s see what happens” approach.

But it ain’t been real good. Funniest part of the whole video


Or Merchant of Venice?

Best tips


Regular Python 3 Test mode VS NC Python 3 test mode


Is there somebody interested in learning spanish? I am a native speaker. I am interested in improvising my english skills, and I am learning french, portuguese and german. In these three last, I am in a basic level.

This video just confirms that stupid people are attracted to him.

Thanks it’s helpful

So can i speak Ancient English in 6 months?

Although many would argue that idea is the most important factor in teaching language, I think personality of teacher has a far greater impact. Thanks Emma.!

OUTPUT Love this video and game Genny, keep it up!

This video took you 900 hours to get done. Soon a robot will make it up in 90 minutes. Be prepared.

Althought it long but lot of things to learn

My entire life in one video kkkk

Sr mughee aap importanceee question bta ksteee plz

If you want to find the creature, Narstak. blogspot

Koiran= dog’s

I really want him to be more popular he is such a good video maker person or what ever u call it lol

Too skinny to be smart


Django and Python 3 How to Setup pyenv for Multiple Pythons


Thank god for that coffee machine otherwise they would have faild!

If beauty is about harmony of the sentance and the reader’s experience then i would say the most beautiful line to me is:

….yep….wonderful exemplar of philosophy…..a gay, suicidal, tranny lovin’, HIV positive, freak, writing about treatment of the insane…..damn, how could i have missed that one?

A clock would be right an infinitesimal amount of a time 2 times a day…

0:40 My right ear felt very lonely there for a moment

Similar to 146347458X 😉

Thanks for another great video. I always enjoy watching your videos and agree with almost everything what you’ve said here. I just wanted to point out, for the people that might not be aware of this, that while Linguistics has been a failure so far when it comes to language learning, it has been a big help for example in the field of Natural Language Processing (making computers work with language).

The Aryan Brotherhood is a degenerate pile of shit that would be executed if it walked into National Socialist Germany, you only see what they want you to see, wake up.

1:25 the guy with glasses is sleeping 😂😂😂

Well there’s your problem. Being endorsed by Peter Molyneux is like being endorsed by Hitler. How could Kung Fu Superstar not fail when Peter “I never deliver on anything I promise” Molyneux says it looks good?

Take care and God bless you

Has anyone ever found Tiffany With No Last Name?

This is not accuraten we know that the latin group was there also but is not on this clip.


How To Install Python 3 On A Mac


Based on the sparkle in her eyes when referring to him, “This Linguist” is willing to be used as yet another one of Trump’s cock holsters. Follow the money, she’s most likely on his payroll somewhere…

I speak American, Australian, Canadian and British

Part 2 pls

“You have to hire ideas not hierachy”

Six months?! Sorry, I don’t have that kind of time.

Anyone remember Broken age, it got like 10 times what it neede to finish the entire game and yet they spent everything with stupid shit and now they did a second kickstarter to finish the game, it’s fucking ridiculous and i’m never helping double fine again……

For economics b do we need to distinguish between micro and macro? Also because the case study is on market failure, should we just focus on this topic?

― Jandy Nelson, I’ll Give You the Sun

Where is Suggestion #4?

I got bored. :/

Sir, you say HR function is not an important function. But I believe that all the other functions do their job skillfully because of the HR function. Because they find right people for the job, they find ways through many process such appraisals, benefits to keep the employees motivated and do their job skillfully. They find ways to retain good talents. As said marketing team is important because they sell even the worst products but the best talents in marketing is brought to the organization by HR.

The audio at the start of this episode was awful. You can do better than this Crash Course! >:[

Bro add CH 1 basics of macro economy

Part 2.


In French nouns have pretty much lost their inflection, although adjectives maintain at least a gender inflection. However, verbs have an extremely complicated inflection which even French native speakers get wrong in the extreme situations.


How could you miss animal farm?

Lol who else watching this the day before their a level ECON3 exam :’)

5:10 made me laugh out loud. Thanks.