[Part 13] Python 3 for Beginners – Return Values


Aaahh thanks for making me ball my eyes out -_-

The video is general, obviously there are total assholes like you who are an exception. We already know this…voicing your existance simply confirms it, it doesn’t get rid of the 17,891 likes and 250 dislikes.

Interesting! Also…what music is this that’s playing in the background? I need more of it!

Awww miss this accent so much :((

“Specialization and trade makes both parties better off.” That is a subjective statement. It depends on who you are asking.

Because of ideas dominating the majority of the media, it in some ways censors freedom of speech because a lot of media that is more liberally-tuned overpowers the conservative-tuned ideas.

This guy is a dreamer. The Third World He// Holes are still breeding like rats. Two children per woman in Bangladesh? Sorry, but cultures don’t change that quickly. And, they won’t, until mass starvation inevitably occurs.

Are pandits ji we live in 21st century, just think about the human,

Jay Hind

A wise man once said: “Pimpin ain’t easy, but somebody’s gotta do it.”

I got a better one. Micro = Romney and Macro = Paul

I love you!!!

Hi Mr. McGlone 🙂

I would like to say that If we read any novel of U. S. Then We get the writers are using contractions in their writing… So Can you please give me some tips to how to start writing a novel and what are the ways to show your novel more sensible..

Humans are awesome, if we can only learn to quit manipulating in a negative fashion.

At 7:17 was the perfect pronounciation of an Finnish “y”.


“Foucault entered the underground gay scene in France, fell in love with a drug dealer, and then took up with a transvestite”……….. Well that escalated quickly


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