[Part 18] Python 3 for Beginners – Try, Except, and Finally


The mental squirming in this comment section is simultaneously sad and hilarious.

That is FANTASTIC galifreyan!!!

Try to be as realistic as possible ass**

As far as I know”Mudarrisu l-waladi” means ”My boy’s teacher”… ”The boy’s teacher” is just ”Mudarrisu l-walad” without the “i”………… I am not a native speaker of Arabic language, so I might be wrong!

This makes way more sense to me than anything I’ve ever heard, ever.

https://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Tumulus

It’s pronounced as “Keltic”, “Seltic” is a sports team.

Hello I like curry

Makes me sick..ugh..Smh.

Reimer eventually decided to live as a man, stopped the hormone treatments,

To move myself out of any suffering is the following great lesson from buddha.. the insight meditation “Vipassana Meditation” 🙂

Mate, fantastic job! Great vid

If you like this, you should try TIS-100. Puzzles are a bit harder, but still a lot of fun for someone programming inclined. Probably won’t make good youtube content though.

When you hacked the game so you op as fuck

For me Tao Te Ching was the best book I have ever read, there is SO MUCH wisdom in every little passage. READ IT! 5000 words only!


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