[Part 9] Python 3 for Beginners – Loops and Range


Awesome and very accessible! will certainly buy the pack when the semester starts. Do you have any estimate of the hours of work a student would on average spend on this Macro Unit one course?


If a biopic were made of this mans life I feel like Billy Crudup would be a perfect match.

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Beauty with the brain

Don’t learn the alphabet? If you want to be illiterate, sure. If anyone’s learning Korean and they can’t spend 30 minutes to an hour learning their incredibly easy alphabet, then that’s just lazy. Plus your pronunciation will most likely suck.

“You and me” or “You and I”… wats the difference?

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What about Les Miserables?

Good job. Thank you Crash course

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Thank you so much, very very helpful

2. the format of your video was pretty comprehensible though

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3 ways to “End” pain and Suffering

Exelent lecture and time well invested. About to start classes and now want jump on the term paper before they begin. Very thankful to Matthew Jaques director of Library services and his team at Charter College for linking this video on their site.

So I lived in south of Poland and this map says, that I am speaking Czech. Interesting.



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