Premier programme Python 3 avec IDLE – CoursPython. com


Dude its 3012 bro its okay

“He sounds like he could be a family member” sure, someone’s aggressive drunk uncle that the family doesn’t invite to get togethers anymore.

And if you can find it…

We know why charlamange was at Illuminati meeting. He’s all about race, BLM movement and SJW bullshit. He’s deep into propoganda sjw shit and is about to have a show paralleling with the current CENSORSHIP of the right that is just attacking “trolls” (people with differing opinions, mostly free speech loving, Constitutional loving). Haha too many people awake. Keep your sheep entertained.

I know I’m really late… but you’re wrong, a machine detector will NOT determine the outcome of the positions of electrons, it is not observing. Only any form of CONSCIOUSNESS can observe. I realize this could be animals as well. Not sure though.

I prefer dovahzul. 😉

Ur so ugly. brains no beauty


Thankfully there’s a revision opportunity! I’ll be making use of your pointers for that.

Hillary only won the popular vote cuz of all the illegal immigrants that were allowed to vote

And of course one could criticize this channel on the basis of just having a succesful business model that commodifies, moisturizes important ideas, difusing them, and removing their subversive potential. So I find this channel to be very bourgeois in its approach. Very western. And of course I am aware that its limitations arise from its form. It is a youtube channel. It could not be progressive, subversive or revolutionary. But i think my critique stands even if you take it for what it is. It could be better.

00:25 that image had me speechless

Strategy is Gretchen Bernabie 3-to-1 in her book Story of My Thinking. She,

A really nice watch. thanks for doing that!


Meh lots of whining and blame passing with no solutions. you don’t really know who’s to blame, how it all connects or what to do, but you can make a dramatic video very well and play on people’s feelings.

I love your videos however I believe you make taxes more complicated than they need to be, slowing down and talking about relationships will help out a lot more

Therefore, due to poor Quality of display, understanding from this video is at Risk.

Oh my gods I saw thor somewhere!

Time for me to creat the official squirrel language… Once I know any of those symbols…

Yeah, why don’t you?

This ain’t about following the rule book


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