PyQt 4 and Python 3 Crash Course Part 1



When Alec Baldwin said “my two sons… Beavis and Butthead” I just laughed until my belly hurt

Lotta racism aimed at white people in these comments

Amazing review! thank you for this video!

This guy makes me want to save the world.

That would render my 1200 shares of GOOG worthless.

Great video, you should also make video on how to become smart in 20s,30s,

Could/would you do one on the similarities/differences of intertextuality and metacinematic?

To me it is Valyrian followed by Sindarin. IMHO the latter sounds even nicer, but it’s a bit too soft, thus lacking a bit of dynamic (e. g. harsher sounds for important or rude words) and it’s a bit too nasal. I also like the sound of languages similar to Latin and Japanese (not piling up consonants). That’s why I like the divine language too.

Such a clear illustration and delivery! It blew my mind, thanks.

One of the best video on essay…. sir plz guide us with more tips…

Language and thus grammar is fluid and changes constantly (or should that be “continuously”?). However, laziness is something that should be addressed, especially with those who are young and still in school. It is important they understand the difference between their, there, and they’re, and know the difference between “should have” over “should of”, but whether a supermarket uses “less” or “fewer” is ridiculous.

Can you sacrifice yourself so all of them could live

Cultural conflict between advocates of development and advocates of indoctrination, well described here. The inspired and the power motivated. Going on for more than half a century at least, and still a problem, still a conflict.

Should have been spoiler alert XD

I find “Rick and Morty” easily ignored; it’s both boring and gross at the same time.

Une des présentations les plus malhonnêtes qu’on ait pu voir.

Superb animations! Those animations really had me watch with a smile the whole video. Very good video also, interesting stuff.

0:23 vegetarian shit


Cool voice mate..

Ohhhhhhhh, PatNinja, don’t get mad at clueless Jack. Don’t get mad at Jack, I still love him, even though he’s a little…OMG THIS IS INFURIATING! Calm down, the other people will see you talking to yourself and be suspicious! Just try to ignore it.


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