Python 2.7 & Python 3: A Sacred Love Story


.. thanks…

People say nlp make a big diffference in ther life can you tell me please how…..or it s just showing offfffffff.

Jesus this is gory.

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet” ~William Shakespeare (Romeo and Juliet)

Also, Butler doesn’t appear to be surprised at all that transsexuals get the desired surgery only when declaring they were ‘born in a wrong body’.

Your channel is great. Keep it up!

If we all speak like him, God save us!

Awesome! My students will love this 🙂 NIce and energetic, catchy and easy to understand and i love the references esp to Dr Who!

I get the joke

Cuz memorizing The Notebook is important

I really like your video. Can you please tell me what skills do students need to master in order to be successful in getting the job, or excel in it. Thanks a lot.

Lmfao Mr. Chomsky called google out on bullshit ads for revenue he should’ve called them out on the auto play ad scam.

This video cam out on my birthday and strawberries is my favorite food….please read my Facebook page I have included a personal homosexual homeless story about mind control, dance, mental health, addiction, sex, and how I see the world.

Yea, screetchin Hillary sounds so refined.

Can yield any practical results in terms of actual insight into homosexuality.

This has the same feel to me as idiots who do horrible experiments on kids like depriving them of affection, or giving them awful names. I know that in a way all children are a laboratory for their parents’ theories on child raising, but messing with their language development, which has repercussions beyond communication is morally dubious at best.

Thank you, good work gbu.

These ideas are amazing. #PREACH!

Who did Beethoven listen to when he had to study and concentrate.

From where do you get those ugly pictures?

I Am David, by Anne Holm.


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