Python 2 Vs Python 3 (Difference)


You’re dumb.*


I cried this is so deep and true.😔

8:30 2017’s another brick in the wall

Not that my economics teacher sucks ( he is a really good teacher) but you sir, just nail everything. I want to personally thank you for putting effort in the information as well as letting it be free. You are Awesome, please keep going 😀


Insert offensive comment about vegans

Great video. Again.

So basically movie puns…

Nice it’s knowlagble

So here’s my question. . Why are the mortgage companies attending sherif sales to buy the loans they already own and sometimes they were bidding WAY more than what the house was going for.


You need to switch to some reliable sources

6:32 lmao

Do more!

I can’t remember how i learned english, but i did and it was back when i was 10 years old. Usually i talk in english in my mind, but everytime i speak with someone or i have a math problem, i use spanish which is my mother language. Hehe it’s quite funny, my grammar in english is far better than in spanish, i still have problems using “tildes” and that’s quite a problem whenever i want to write something in spanish, and i don’t know if it’s a good idea or not but im learning a third language, and it’s really different from my other known languages, it’s Japanese and at this point, im having alot of fun and it’s not hard for me, even if people tell me that it is.


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