Python 3.5 Tutorial – 3. How to install Atom for Python 3.5


He is not a politician.

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In my native language, which is Spanish, the grammatical cases in nouns are not evident as in other languages in which a suffix is added to nouns to indicate the case [for instance, Polish (7 cases) or Icelandic (4 cases)] I know both of these languages, by the way, that’s why I know about how their cases work. In Spanish, the cases are only evident in the pronouns (object, possessive, personal, possessive adjectives), just like in English. However, in Spanish there is no such thing a suffix to indicate possession, like the English “s”. As a native speaker raised in a Spanish speaking country, I was never taught such thing as “grammatical cases”at school while I studied my own language, I think it’s not necessary for a Spanish speaker because the cases are not evidenced by suffixes. That’s why when you know about this for the first time, you can feel a little bit “mystified” 😛

I disagree Liam. I’m a linguist, so when I want to, I can use excessively proper grammar. I can also tell you where it stemmed from, and which language the verbs were borrowed from, the technical jargon for the changes it went through-all of which does not matter outside of curiosities sake as long as the communication is processed, and it always is, or else you couldn’t whine about it. I have, however, never caught a grammar Nazi using proper grammar and orthography 100% of the time. Not once.

Also, in case you didnt notice – you cant do SHIT in a capitalist country without money. To do anything, either you need to have heaps of money, OR, the thing you do must be worth money so that others will distribute it for you.

I pretty much agree with the list, but Animal Farm, Catch 22 or Gone With The Wind don’t get a mention?

Thanks sir

Brilliant video – thanks for posting!

“Cursed to wander through the night,

2. Banking and Finance Department Project Topics and Research Materials for Final Year Students

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When you add a number to it self and then replace it, you are effectively doubling it, the multiples of 2 are 2,4,8,16,32…etc

If there is no taxation all property is private and thous this gives all the power to the landlords and takes away all the power from the weaker ones. Only if the existence is save, only when people have the option to say no, only then, they are free to do what they want to. For this model people need to tax the landlords who buy land with the work of the weak ones. Only giving a certain minimal amount of power to the weak will set them free.

Thank you i get it!!!

There is new law


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