Python 3 Advent Of Code Day 3 Part 1 & 2


I live in America but i have always found the german language very interesting n i would love to learn it 😅😄

What a load. My life and career put me into contact with a great variety of people, and I have never met a human being who sounds or talks like Donald Trump. This billionaire is no every man.


You’re wrong about Lance Armstrong…his emotions didn’t make him win 7 times…it was STEROIDS! (2013 Hindsight cha cha cha)

Why people do not learn from this tribe?

Skinner is a lot like Freud. He will forever be remembered even though much of what he said isn’t taken seriously anymore. His Skinner Schools for autistic children have been largely replaced.

Charlamagne is a fuckin’ paranoid DOUCHE!!

3:42 In every case I want to see you get snow balled in the face.

Not taking into acount the ideological biases (and racist rantings), there is at least two points of scientific controversies still going on that I can think of :

This is perfect for writing my stories ^_^.

I’ll always stand against this leftist bullshit. Until my last breath. MAGA

Thug notes the best channel ever made. Continue Keepin it real dawg!

Bernie should’ve been elected. Now we have to have carrot face over here.

Should call this sleeping music not study music


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