Python 3: Algoritmos e Estruturas de Dados



V lavovi

Conor Mcgregor is a great example

25:30 chapter 1 book 1 begins!

YES!!YES!!! please listen to this man. Thank you for speaking for all of us. Young generations we are the future. Love to this man MUA MUA

The syntax and vocabulary is the same as the dialect spoken there.

This guy needs to slow down… on to the next vid.

It’s totally accetable to be a rich bipolar guy like Stephen Fry, suffering inside a mansion with all the paid accounts and money to pay people to do things he should be doing. But I am the poor bipolar guy, in a fucked third world country depending on public health system and shit. One month to do a simple exam on an useless GP, another month to got the permission for the psychiatrist and another month to take medicines for 30 days. When it’s over, the senoidal motion turns on and I keep locked inside a room like a prisoner of myself, thinking that I am the most powerful thing ever existed inside a pathetic and lonely room. I think I will suicide soon, because anybody gives me the right answer but god god god god god and god. I’m sick and tired to listen about god and how believe in god could take away my disease. I never saw god making the leg of an amputee grow back, neither a bipolar guy become a normal guy again. I’ve lost my hope in life and I’m done of this. Enough.

I beat the game in one sitting. I like the game’s design, but I really do not like the turing model. In fact, it scales extremely poorly. A functional model couples the state with the code information properly. You won’t as easily get confused with what you are doing, even when it abstracts. Source: I’m a math & computer science major who teaches calculator programming on YouTube and researches theoretical computer science.

So much less energetic than usual

I learned arabic and french at the same time, arabic from my family and french from television and started to learn english in the 2nd grade, then german in the 4th grade and spanish in the 10th grade (this year). I’m also trying to learn a little bit of japanese while watching anime and learning esperanto with duolingo. Now I can speak french fluently, understand oral arabic (but I forgot most of arabic because I don’t like this language, probably due to the fact that I didn’t choose to learn it), english class sucks but I watch youtube and series, listen to music and read social media in english (thanks to internet), my level in german is really bad because of the bad teachers I had and I don’t exercise this language at home, I really learned spanish quickly even if I didn’t like this language a lot at first, thanks to my amazing teacher (spanish is similar to french, it probably helped too) and… well I only know some words in japanese or esperanto or norvegian. I love learning new languages, I think that it opens our minds but I think that I should perfect some and stop trying to learn every language I hear about because it’s often useless.

I have to agree with this list. WatchMojo actually made it based on legacy and not personal taste. Get over it.

Hi liz

I am sorry but nobody in my family or circle of friends speak like this, the point that people identify with him is relative since the majority of the popular vote went to the other candidate, no, the whole country doesn’t identify with him.


Fake information!


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