Python 3 auf die Schnelle


AP classes and colleges are mentioned a lot here and most to all people watching are here for classes.

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I much prefer TA or Supreme Commander. This game lacks scope. Tiny planets hosting tiny armies fighting tiny skirmishes.

Excellent! Thank you!

9:54 but how would you know if you have infinity i thout it was never-ending?

Agree with everything except comparing our brain and being to an animal. This is a price we pay for being human.

Also I love the distant nature images, I wish it was more humans from a distance doing activities and less close-ups. Because close-ups gets tiring after a while.

Luxemburgish is a Language not a dialect 🙂

This video does not make sense to open minded people who know what is going on the the nerd fanbase. just to DC fanatics.

Its funny how people come here to study. all i do is scroll down the comment section and laugh my ass off about how people act all fannncyy and shit.

What is wrong with you? slavic languages were born in eastern poland-south belarus-smolensk areea. romanian language was spread throughout the balkank since year 350, neigbouroght by albanian in the sout-west, greek in pelopones, hungarian in panonia, and scit and cumans in the east of bug river, germanics in actual southern poland and slovakia. your map is a huge manipulation. shame to you brits!

I love you.

7+2=8??? 5:53

About an infant whose circumcision dramatically failed,

Yo big man, what exam board tho. got exam in 2 days plz help

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I disliked. Not because of Martin Shkreli, but because of charlamange

I’m writing DC US history research essay and I want to tell a story in the very first paragraph. How can make the story interesting enough to grab the reader’s attention but also sound professional? Can I include “I” and make a personal story? How should I approach this?

Google it, silly.



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