Python 3 Basics – 1.0 – Setup of Python 3 (Mac)


Is her hair green or is it me because her hair matches the green shirt well

Why not elven, a much more developed language.

Ah i have a test tomorow on units 4 & 5. I just watched the unit 4 playlist, feel pretty comfortable, but i dont know unit 5 at all bc i wasnt listening AT ALL in class all marking period

If you don’t know what the word ‘blow’ means, you’re not a real rap or hip-hop fan.

Im not from the us, but i see an invalid argument here…

Interesting, he says immersion does not work although he learned chineese by going to china and constantly interacting with native speakers. ow would he learn without native speakers around?

So grateful for this good video

Just one more day to go before our 2-for-1 deal expires – get in quick for half price tickets to next year’s Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within event. Secure your life-changing seat now: http://www. unleashthepowerwithin. com. au/2for1/sm/

6-9 page paper due in 3 hours. Haven’t started.

Much love to the dalit

What is price inelasticity of demand

I don’t mind his accent our all of his views but! he’s antigun fuck him

The is one of these each decade. A possitive thinking speaker. I should do this, but I have integrity.

+GenerikB These Devs really hate corporations!!!

His voice sounds a bit like robert webb

Oswm communication skills you are its really helpful


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