Python 3 Basics – 1.1 – Sublime Text 3 Intro


Properties of the Brahmini-Magi-Druids of the ancient Sūryavaṃśa

Kolo (neutral, meaning a bicycle)

Wait up. I never thought Costner was actually trying to do an accent in Robin Hood. Isn’t he just using his regular voice? This guy is nitpicking a r? He doesn’t sound remotely British. The fuck is going on?

It was very helpful thank u

Damn. I was hoping it would be zombies. Oh! Wait! Nanobot infused corpses that eat brains for their neural networks! Sweet! Terminator meets Night of the living dead.

Thanku maam u hav been helpful to mee…..

1:00 Is that Karl Marx on the desk behind?

While I praise you for putting in 1984, I can’t belive that a list about the best novels of 20th century doesn’t have “The process” by Kafka at least as an honorable mention

Wi are f#ck`t

Treasonously stolen from us:

On Id


I don’t understand this at all. Why do people have to be so complicated. If they feel a certain way, why don’t they just say it? I just don’t get it 🙁

I was shocked when I saw this videos title. Google having a talk with Noam. lol. It went exactly how I thought it would. Noam is perfect. He looks at the world through truth but happens to be a great human also. He is perfectly accurate on everything discussed. It’s people like him and his peers who should be advising government’s and world leaders. Instead we have ignorant and corrupt billionaires calling the shots. They infiltrated public schools, our day to day lives and everything in between. Now we have an incredibly dumb downed population and EVERYTHING is getting worse by the second. Except the bank accounts of the scum causing the problem. No one will save us. It’s up to us. All of us. I know we can do it. We must WAKE UP, WISE UP, AND RISE UP. It’s now or never. Time is running out. Good luck and much love to all the awake!

I live in “central-Germany” as you called it, and i my opinion the german some people in bavaria speak, is disgusting. I would not count it as german. xD

Prince EA for President 2020 A real america not political america

I see all black now and can’t

One side of the chin strap is squared off, the other side is rounded. 0 Credibility.

Or you talk about aids-activism and how it inaugurated an era in which minorities pressured the medical-system

Ok it time for population control like it or not.

I have applied Halliday’s frameworks for text analyses of two narrative discourses in English and Tamil from contrastive point of view.

I really wanted to give this video a chance but reading what you write down is just too hard.


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