Python-3 – Decisions and Boolean Logic


Oh come on people just back it god dammit, i know they are being lazy after the money they made from planetary annihilation. But no one else seems to give 2 fucks about the real time strategy market atm or making quirky games. For that reason alone they get my money.

#3. When you first Understand the message Then you will Aquire the language: Comprehension is key

Or you can just not think about it and risk eternity. That’s the beauty of free will, sorry determinism. I dare you, in a playful sort of way, to be objective and look into the material above and tell me I’m wrong.

In my opinion, I agree that exercise… don’t you think there is a redundancy in that statement?


Why is it always “in the us” fucking arrogant americans always forget, if they even learned in the first place that there actually is a whole world outside of us.

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Gives me chills


“BRINGING HOME THE BACON” gets a bacon ad before the video

Hii bro how r u aap ka padana way superb hai

He doesn’t use serial commas ^-^

Iakšaku (सूर्यवंश इक्श्वाकू)

Not from literature but “may the eyes of cowards never rest” Khalid ibn walid

My favorite book, “Eragon” probably follows this pattern, but he never really had any time to have a serious crisis, and in the end spoilers he goes into self exile to serve his new task. The same happens with batman, the dark knight. end of spoilers. Also at “neverwhere” the protagonist spoilers after the whole circle and the change on the way he views life, he realizes he no longer likes the normal world and decides to go back to the special world.

In Russian everything always changes ))


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