Python 3 Dictionaries Explained


The language Chewbacca speaks is called Shrywook. Great video 😅

6. Age of empires 3

Non, aucune barrière possible parce que je suis Français, honhonhon :p


Their silence cannot be accounted for otherwise.

Welp I’m going to say but I realized this video is 4:20

R. I.P Alex

A lot of these came up in the OCR practise papers, should i still expect them for the real exam?

Tony Robbins is amazing! Kind of sad that it seemed like a crash course but still he gives substantial input.

Today, kids just do anything & their parents just look at you like “Well what am I supposed to do? Kids will be kids…how cute!”

. Week 4: Glue

Fun fact: In Australia now, coding is mandatory school curriculum from Prep up to Year 10.

AOE 2 deserved the top spot. You just can’t look beyond it. And no game from empire earth series. U stonned?

See what I mean? know do you understand.

So your chromosomes don’t determine your gender? Do they determine your sex? Is gender the same thing as biological sex? Much of what she’s talking about is tautological. Feminist theorists have replaced the word “sex” with “gender”, and then pretend that only something called “gender” exists, and that “biological sex” does not, or if it does, it has nothing to do (even statistically) with “gender” expression. They’re playing word games. I thought philosophers were supposed to be logical.


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