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It is assumed that because I hold a different opinion & promote it strongly, that this is evidence of lack of self-esteem, close-mindedness, incivility, stupidity, & having ‘no life’.

Black Swan Green?

This video made me Cum… Mainly cuz of the delicious code

I categorized life into those who feared/hated death and those who didn’t mind it. The ones who feared/hated it were the ones who enjoyed it’s momentary tastes(pleasure) such as sex, luxury, refinements, alcohol and amusements, these people I thought feared death as it would put an end to all those enjoyments and these people I assumed didn’t want that and so in turn they hated/feared death. Whereas those who didn’t care for death were those who abandoned such enjoyments, but a person who didn’t have such enjoyments and never abandoned such pleasures but yearned for it were the same as those who feared and hated death because they never abandoned the want of those enjoyments. Although a bit of enjoyment was ok.


A nice video

Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you

Can you like, come to Rime, Italy and kinda marry me?


Are you saying that Psychopaths doesn’t have essence?

Simple and excellent explanation about Globalisation

Age of empires online

What. About. Sims???

This video has had helps me with my noledge of engrish

“hanging out with your friends”


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