Python 3 How to convert string to bytes


Early no one have finished

“Reading Mind’s by Watching the Eye’s” You lost me right there.

Hah I’ve lived in Northern Holland and speak fluent Dutch really looking forward to you speaking Dutch and going to Holland ps love your videos 💚

#7 “LOL it can’t be right period.” it is wrong according to Jesus

I expected it to be another lame video, but surprisingly it was very informative and detailed with added perk that funny voice. loved it. Keep the good work up.

Closest to his SUN*

Kepp making useful videos like this…

I have a different handwriting to every page my handwriting will be differ then wat about my personality as per my different handwriting

This has been debunked. There is currently no animal (bird or mammal or whatever) that can produce free will outside of instinct, instead many animals are good at mimicry/imitation, this is done through blackmail ( blank+blank+blank=food). Scientists have poured millions if not billions of dollars into these sort of studies and still can’t produce any exciting results. The only thing we can do is make some animals imitate something we want but they don’t know why they are doing it, what they are doing, they just know they’ll get a treat at the end of it all. It’s like I take the stupidest man on earth and give him the answers to a test on Quantum physics while promising him a tasty meal at the end of it all and then I go to a forum of Scientists and state that my subject has passed a Quantum physics test at 100%.

I majored in Philosophy for two years and had always pronounced Nietzsche and Sartre as “knee chee” and “sar tare” so I was already put off and then 7:13 happened. What. The F?

@Russell5892 Woah–very good point! It didn’t even occur to me!

Http://www. syntheticphonics. com/DH_Reviews_two_phoneme_charts. pdf


5. Continue this will a couple more techniques of your choice

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Not sure how it works if honourable mention is meant to be higher than the others, but Harry potter should of done better if it’s not, maybe not number 1 but at least top 10. The book has in it’s series the fastest selling product with 15 million sold in one day.

Which type of paper did u use?

You are so confident in your assertions about your interpretations of these people you make me quite sick.

Dicks out for harambe

Thank you for this simple overview.


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