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For all those who think Chomsky has won the debate over language, his arguments were more than adequately answered many years ago by Kenneth MacCorquadale and others. I would like to know where Chomsky now exists in either the laboratory or the clinic. Strong claims that people process language as Chomsky suggested have minimal to no experimental support and almost all therapy that treats communication problems of autistic children is based on Skinner’s work. Finally…(see next post)

I like it so much

There is nothing big in this big think. It’s obviously small thinking from small brains. Ted. com and “big think” are ideologically biased to the core.

One day in the future there will probably be a news feed about Matrin Shkreli being found dead in an alley with pilled stuffed in his mouth…

Thanks emma

Emma! thanks.

Please, there is no thank you in Klingon

Why You Cancel it. Everyone wants to see robots And aliens fighting todos dead

I think the Matrixy aspect is in thinking this is the only way a market economy can be organized (there isn’t a need for such a artificial division between households and businesses, and how do households control the resource market anyway?). Not to mention of the 4 factors of production, one is a special case (inelastic) and is controlled mostly by government (land).

Assume the multiplier of an economy is 6 and an investor enters the economy with $ 200m: i) Calculate the value of the Marginal Propensity to Consume (MPC). ii) By how much does equilibrium GDP will change with the injection of the $200m?

This video fucken sucks

I can’t believe you bought the Szechuan sauce lie. just because Rick says something does not mean it’s true. he genuinely CARES for Morty and Summer, but he has lost so much it profoundly scares him to be close to anyone. and the one time he tries Tammy kills Birdperson, his best friend.

Example; Religions create division, economic inequalities generate

Hood Rat

You guys are really great and everything, but you talk too fast! 😮

Ay I’m not gay nibba but nice belt

Don’t usually liars say “believe me”?

It was just a self-serving ploy after all.

Wow……8,000 people disliked this video. 8,000 people hate their planet earth. why……..why, do you hate your environment? the place where you live, hangout, and depend on. do you hate your great grand kids? DO YOU hate your future. do you not want to live a peaceful life in the future? DO YOU hate everyone else’s future…..because you only care about your own, because you want to become rich or famous. look at what money has done to us. people kill for money……people will do ANYTHING for money, ANYTHING. i hope people like prince ea help save our environment. i hope we all save our environment. i hope there are absolutely NO nuclear wars. you know what? im only hoping not helping. so, i WANT there to be trees in the future i WANT the environment to be non affected by nuclear weapons. i WANT people to care about our environment. it’s ok if you disagree with me. it’s ok if you want our future generations to be having a horrible and sick lifestyle. im just here putting it out there that people like you and i are dying, losing their homes, getting diseases, and being killed for doing nothing, nothing at all. while you’re smoking, drinking, or doing drugs…..people are dying because of that, and you don’t even care…..people are trying to tell you, but again no one listens until it happens… one listens until someone they love dies because of it. stop being ignorant, please, and I would also like to say thank you for listening to my thoughts. i hope you feel the same way…….

Why is he yelling i am scare

😱mind blown


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