Python 3 Install on Windows – Enviroment Variables


Foucault was bullshiter. now when I know about his homosexuality, that explains his need for some of the crap he had written. worthless pseudo-intellectual character full of relativisation without so much substance behind it. I read a few of his essays in the faculty. it was so empty and pointless I forgot what it was about, I supressed it

This Guy is fat


1.)Khastriyas (Ram), 4000 B. c

Please make more!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We in the left have been using these tactics whilst mixing it with identity politics, this is just something we’ve brought about on ourselves, we’ve been strawmaning republican positions for years, we weren’t critical enough of our own side when Obama had power and now all these hypocrites are coming out against Trump. I’m a little tired of all these people, and I’m actually looking forward to immigration reform, it’s been brushed under the rug for too long.

It can be both scripting and coding, Jack. I can’t code that great, but I can script in Linux alright, if I do some research, and build on what I’ve done previously. Taking notes helps too.

Khanacdemy, thank you so much for all of ur tutorials. ur the best tutor that i’ve had in my entire life and oh my god.. ur service is free!

ACDC lol

Your heart’s been aching but you’re too shy to say it

Thanks for your videos. Just want to know if you have any Tips video for IELTS Reading & Writing for General Training candidates because I’ve only seen tips for Academic exams only.

A bot made this youtube video. and, a bot wrote this comment. a bot will like this comment, and another bot will reply to it.

The cure for depression is balancing both positive and negative thoughts, because that is where truth emerges.

“This is how the hunger games starts”. I work with children and It breaks my heart that they actually think that the book can come true, due to everything that has been happening.

Why does frodo have glasses???

Can you do a video on video games if a should play them or not

Theres only one way to find ou-

This was the game that made me realize I had no future with any form of software augmentation.

Sudden strike2 is missing


Seriously helpful, Mr. Jewell! I will be sharing with my AP class in Atlanta, Georgia!

Man, what a click bait!


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