Python 3 Install On Windows – wxPython Phoenix


Religion poisons everything. “We carry dead bodies that have been cut in to pieces from the train”. HOLY SHIT. I thought my job sucked

Wait, wait, wait, Kevin Costner’s Robin Hood shouldn’t even be in here. As fun as I found that movie when it came out(don’t judge – I was 15), he didn’t even frigging try. I was really disappointed.

3 leaving the ordinary world (marching to war)

Im tripping balls

I think they released the game just so we could see this trailer.

@curtskene Would you coach me with being interviewed? Also, how to dominate this question.

Hi, im so stressed about thsi one question, if i didnt finish the 25 markers in both eng lit exams and only did 2 paragraphs could i still get an A?

Does this game remind anyone else slightly of Total Annihilation??? anyone???

Steve was a genius and no other businessmen can beat him.

I don’t think people understand. They know people won’t buy it, so it is intended for those who want to really support the game and get their hands on it early. The price will drop significantly once it is out of its alpha phase. Don’t be a dick.

Thank you so much!

Deception is the name of the game in this era and the only way to win is to not believe anything. Media mocking Trump, for example, should be a sign that he’s been doing something to piss them off or smth, so it should be good for the people and bad for big brother. Right? NO, for all i know perhaps the big bro realised he’s not fooling anyone with the media anymore and decided to use counter psychology in order to make Trump’s image better for ur newly”awakened”,see through bull shit people. Hell i even doubt that this is waking reality, cause for all i know, my dreams feel as real as this.

I love Don Don no homo.

Lots of opinions on the intellect of the students in this video and yet I don’t see YOU making an argument or sharing your thoughts on the topic discussed. It’s erroneous of you to pick THAT comment to focus on here in this discussion.

A estado 1 año para llevar 3 cajas de un lado a otro

Donde esta chuck norris con su comentario del comentario con mas likes es gay? 🙁

I am sorry, but real life heroes are alone, fearless and go on adventures of their own volition. And real life adventures have only one end-Death.

She didn’t mention Trump also says “Believe me” when he’s lying

I’m so grateful for this project. We are facing our own extinction as a human race if we don’t create a significant shift in how we view ourselves and others. Our values systems must change from one based on money, to one based on the well-being of this planet and all life on it. The only thing that is truly belongs to us is our minds. We need to create a world in which our minds can be free – a world in which we all want to be. We are all connected, and though we spend our days looking toward the stars for answers – we will find that the answers have been within us the whole time. Empathy is the highest form of human knowledge. When we can see ourselves in the eyes of another, the world changes.

Came here looking for hope, peace after trumps win.

Can consumer expectation in the future shift supply curve?

It really ain’t that deep


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