Python 3: Introduction to the Twython API


@justgivemethetruth why

Super. the teacher is pretty

She’s genius. They all are-it is ALL part of an elaborate plan to confuse us, befuddle us and distract us – and while we’re on the bandwagon looking at what we perceive to be idiots dancing, they are destroying America, taking over and making this a nation of elite, uber wealthy people with a nation of subservient poor to wait on them. The poor need no insurance, the poor need no health care, the poor need no education all the poor need to know is the job assigned to them by their wealthy…..owner. (hope this helps some)

Wow like spore on crack 😀

Urdu originated in india not pakistan.

This is how people that doesn’t appreciate happinness in their life, they negotiate the fact that their life is already ending, but the real fact is that people are facing nigtmares in everytime and everywhere.

I never said you said that it’s wrong to follow those patterns. I was saying that, so that you don’t assume that I was saying that…

Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t this paradox state that m=2*m, even when the mass (or any other similar quantity) is finite? We can divide by mass which is finite anyway, so shouldn’t it also apply to numbers too (1=2)? Because that would make operations such as division by zero possible (0*1=0*2 ||:0), or any other counter-intuitive statement or operation (0=0 ||*inf -> 1/3=2/3) true, and make oridinary math problems pointless.

This video is too fast…

Love your videos man! big help… cant seem to access question part 2 though really need to study!

And now I am wanting to go to university sooooo bad even though the thought of it got me stressed before. I learned alot about myself and I think it was a good time to reflect what went wrong and know what I really want.

Ich liebte es

Lmfao Mr. Chomsky called google out on bullshit ads for revenue he should’ve called them out on the auto play ad scam.

Chapter five-Discussion

It’s kind of a half “L” half “R”

While this is obviously all true, I’m not entirely impressed by the source. If this is true of any news source, it’s true of your’s. And to far worse ends than any American source.

Both are in a pic they are close together his left arm is down by his side but right arm is around her back but high up around her back. This hand he has sunglasses in. She is centered the middle of his chest with both arms around his waist. She is smiling wide in the picture whereas he has more of a light smile. To me he looks kinda un interested but shes happy i feel like they had something going on but not serious for him but serious for her

7. The war created emergency situation which needed unprecedented powers to be concentrated in less number of hands (Explaining Khomeini and his supporters clampdown on domestic opposition against revolution during unprecedented external threat to the country).

What about an episode on Ibsen?

Worldwide the average coffee grower has increased the amount of acreage under cultivation over the past few years. The result has been that the average coffee plantation produces significantly more coffee than it did 10 to 20 years ago. Unfortunately for the growers, however this has also been a period in whichtheir total revenues have plunged. In terms of elasticity what must be true for these events to have occurred? Explain these events with a aid of a diagram


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