Python 3 Metaprogramming, Macros, Madness & More! – PyCon India 2015


UMUC has a great writing center.

1:06- Roll Credits

Mathematical points are theoretical, they are thought. Thought is not a body. Therefore, it can be divided into infinity. Therefore, the desire to liken it to the material world, to claim that it can be produced from one material, more material than what you have begun, is unfounded.

Ohh nice! I love it. 🙂

Now i know how jona hill would sound if he had a southern accent 😀

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I always have my hands in my pockets, and I really didn’t know that the position of the thumbs really says anything! It’s just uncomfortable for me to stand with my entire hand all the way in my pocket, soo..

I’m by no means threatened. Some feminists, not all, simply come off far too agressive, and pushy. I’m a liberal and i do believe in social justice and identity politics, but there are some liberals who act appaulingly.

That belt though!

Music is fucking trash

This guy is a legend

Wow OMG amazing you deserve a sub

Error spotting / Sentence correction

Definitely UNIQUE it’s the word I am going to use to describe your video and your channel – I love it.

We even have vokativ which is used when you speak to somebody/something. So for example when somebody greets me he should add E at the and of my name (but for other words it could be also O, U or I). It is really confusing.

This was amzing. i cant thank u enough

The map from the trail area is from a game called limbo… anyone here played it?

Oh Al Gore, you so crazy!

Honestly the New York accent is my favorite accent. I’m hearing broken to see it fading away with time


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