Python 3 Pattern Program 1 – Printing Stars in Right Angle Triangle Shape


This video is igzactally how it is in every school acrross the country, the reason kids dont care about school is because teachers tell them what happends after, so why even try when all the jobs will be take and gas will cost $6 and war willl never end whats there to live for? myspace? these kids wana die on facelift “face book”!! instend of care about the future so blame the student for not carring? or blame the teacher for teaching too much? you be the judge. I had a 4.00 all 4 years to make$8

I always have my hands in my pockets, and I really didn’t know that the position of the thumbs really says anything! It’s just uncomfortable for me to stand with my entire hand all the way in my pocket, soo..

Well the ending force me to subscribe and like the video

I’d order me a Mongol pizza

In my assignment were doing a research paper argumentative essay, and we can’t use first person no I me and my we have to use third person ):

Thank you so much!

I understand the concept, I think.

It is so hard to learn a lots of language

….I practice all the voices during the video

Few people who call themselves Marxists have ever even bothered to

Omg love him

This is how the hunga games startssss DEAD GAGAGAHAHABSUAH

We want iran without mullahs. american government support them

The thing people need to study william shakespear

I need someone to conversate in Spanish.

Cossacks 🙁

Thank you! I will watch the 15 minute review for AP Macro since my AP test is tomorrow. Thank you again!


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