Python 3 Pattern Program 2 – Printing Stars in Right Angle Triangle Shape


Glory to Lord Krishna!!!

I would really appreciate it…thanks

Let me guess! you are adjusted and at the same time meticulous

I think i’m ready to report this assignment to our class on monday..

Stranger from Camus? No Kafka? C’mon guys!

You are awesome! 3 weeks I’ve been struggling in my microeconomics class. Tomorrow is our exam… Yet, I’ve learned all the materials in one night from your videos!

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Please correct me if i’m wrong.

Alex died on my birthday..?

I bet this guy’s shit is quality

Any record, document, or tangible object

2:30 2017

I’m saw this video on my class!

7:To Kill a Mockingbird.

Shame it was American

I need your all videos where can i get?

Best episode in this series… Great work

Should you really give those kind of long winded answers?



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