Python 3 Pattern Program 3 – Printing Stars in Pyramid Shape


Economic Growth

Some people in this world don’t deserve empathy. They deserve death.

I can see the pain that Obama has been through…(The pain of holding his laught real tight…)

RIP buddy. You where very brave. May your legacy live on. May we all learn from you.

Pls learn to pronounce Camus, thank you. Good video


What an AMAZING teacher, I am going to take my 2nd try at the GED today May,22 2013 As I took it about 9 months ago without doing any studying whatsoever I passed everything except the essay, with watching ur video I now know I wil pass it, they said I will have my results in 4-6 weeks I will keep you posted on my grade this time. thanks again for making this video and making it so easy to understand…..thanks again…..Bill

I like you

I like her, these interviews were all about small issues, I don’t care about the crowds, I want to know I have an economic future.

Cheers boss cmon lads lets boss edexcel u3 tomorrow #econplusdalistheman

No tests, because bi-polar disorder is a made-up disease, based on subjective symptoms manifesting from life circumstances and encouraged as a politically correct diagnosis to mitigate responsibility on the part of the victim.

If beauty is about harmony of the sentance and the reader’s experience then i would say the most beautiful line to me is:

What to do in a future where most of jobs, humans not apply. Amazing.

Lo mejor para relajarte

Why I hated linguistics. It’s pretty hard to determine which language came about from what at this point. We mixed so much, and sometimes by force, sometimes naturally inherited languages. We as Europeans come from many peoples, have many languages that change to this day. Trying to determine what comes from where and how it got started in the first place is hard, if not impossible. Not to mention that it’s a hive of bees perhaps better left untouched.


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