Python 3 Pattern Program 4 – Printing Stars in Reverse Pyramid Shape


I still don’t understand why they’re locked in a cage though?

(Like if liked my points😅)

Very useful sir thanks for making such videos. sir plz do life science and history too..that would be so helpful to all. and thanks a lot for sharing Saraswati for free..

#KindnessReigns Mary! You are a gifted. Keep advocating. Well done my friend.

How is there a shortage for human body parts when there 7 billion people on earth

Why is Charlamagne acting as if he is above Martin? Angela at least seems to understand what Martin’s talking about.

I still like it more

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Good point… =)

Thanks A lot You Really Help Me!

Bernstein → not at all like the english “burn”-“steen”, but “e” like in kennel, “st” as “sht” and “ei” like “eye”

Thanks madam

This interviewer is like an uncomfortable robot throwing questions he has on paper with no understanding on Chomsky answers.

Age of Mithology the best!!

If I pass economics it’ll be all because of you, sir.

If not…If you don’t want to volunteer…but you wish to shoot president Trump… you can shut the hell up.

Modi is the best.

Get people’s attention

The explanation is excellent

I was eating and I saw the title and I was like huh?

Sooooo heeellllp fuuuuul

I like it more then ur lesson.


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