Python 3 Practice Codingbat Warmup 1 Part 1


How exactly would you go about giving an original personal response in a Literature essay or extract analysis?

At last someone who thinks like me…

He probably owns slaves too. Cousin Fucker

Call me a psychopath for saying this, but in my opinion, you have to kill both 5 workers and 1 guy. First, you get rid of 5 people and jump out of the train to chase down and kill the last surviving guy. My reason for such extreme course of action is to ensure that none of them spread the news of my action. If the word gets out that I killed someone to save life over another life, that would make me a murderer regardless of my pure and good intention. Why should I go to jail for something I had no control over? I may argue that I had to make decision, but what if the judge still decides I’m still a murderer? No matter who you kill, either way you are gonna get fucked. So? Might as well kill all of them, pretend nothing happen, and move on with my life. I’m sorry for the victims but I gotta live too.

O_O Woah! Already reach $2,229,344. Definitely can’t wait for this!

Hey, what if the heart beats too fast, Will we die of high blood pressure? What if we run too fast and that pain in the chest builds up. I feel too tired and i can taste a matallic taste building up on my tounge. Why do people get that taste when they run? I also feel like my chest will explode. Thats painfull. I think that the ha

Funny video exactly what I was looking for i appreciate you wish you could do more similar video to this. “that was way short too”.

Are you going to make more episodes?

I see a trend in the comments. Apparently I’m not the only one who got recommended this out of the blue. Creepy.

@Deepskies1 then you’d become a pro, at life!

Does anyone speak Bengali? the sweetest language in the world?

I wish I had of read this before getting a 2:2 on my last exam :’) #moron

Mark Cuban teaches economics?

In my World Studies class we’re learning of how the United States portrays the ENTIRE continent of Africa consisting of 56 countries in such a horrible light and will never broadcast amazing stories or events in a lot of countries there. We were told to say the first word that came to mine, there other students thought of horrible things: genocide, slavery, and basically all the stereotypes of Africa which had made me furious. I said “Booming Economy” and “Independent Nations”. In the top list of booming economies across the globe, there are 6 African countries on that list. Bet you didn’t know that, since the media would never say that. I don’t like how people would ask “Do you speak African”, an ignorant question, but they need to learn to be more aware of news outside this country. Every country will have multiple languages, such as in Nigeria which has over 500 different languages. Plus, we were suppose to bring in an article of any African news story, and guess what, most students brought in negative articles, but I didn’t. Relatives of mine from Nigeria are wealthy, not the racist stereotype that every single citizen within any freaking African country is labeled as poor and uneducated. We as young U. S citizens need to bring a positive awareness of every continent like Asia, Africa, or South America instead of always focusing on countries in Europe and North America. Coming from a 9th grade freshie.


Hi, It’s a great video i saw today. Just one question – What does it mean when a girl is not looking at you and still engaging you with some topics to talk.

Very nice lessons!!! ty so much

I’m the biggest Marvel Stan but Civil War and CA:TFA has such WASHED OUT coloring

I think i am just going to go kill my self. i have never done a essay in my life. it looks so hard and i code video games.


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