Python 3 Programming Course: 1 – Installing Python on Windows 7, 8, and 10


Who’s with me when I say that now it’s our task to rescue earth?

You been helpful

“maman died today. or yesterday maybe i don’t know.”

I’ve been saying that for years and I am not a linguist…. I figured that out after listening to “Digits.” Now we got a white man saying it. So everyone will understand. Lol…….. Black people…..!!!

As his writings seem to express one tendency here, and another there.

And even if there was such a certainty, the workers at the trolley line assumed a risque that something like that would happen, while the person that just happened to take a strall there at that moment had no choice.

The psychopaths, the tortures, the sadists, the bullies, the emotional manipulators – they all have empathy: this is what makes their abusive behaviour so effective – they KNOW exactly how you feel. Lack of empathy is not the problem. For instance, what good is empathy without compassion? Jeremy Rifkin needs to go back to the drawing board on this one.

Love the channel. Much appreciated.

Sadly, Chomsky will ultimately be remembered as a Zionist gatekeeper – you can do a search “Chomsky gatekeeper” and see for yourself. Vote Green.

Are you watching while doing Squanches?

For my GCSE I’m doing inspector calls, Frankenstein and Romeo and Juliet, everyone else is doing mice of men or whatever it’s called. 😭

In Africa there is a reason for them hating white people though, Colonialism.


So I see it going 1 of two ways. 1: Since robots can pretty much work for free with the exception of electricity, oh wait that can be produced by robots that work on solar farms. Since robots can work completely void of any cost, could they then technically be used to create a utopia because no has to pay them, therefore anyone can go there with no cost? Robots can produce everything and can do anything meaning that they could in theory create something like this. A world where no one has to work and we can whatever we want (not anything criminal) all the time. 2: The big corporations use robots to take over all the jobs and make it so no human can work which will lead to mass looting, and a lot of crime related to getting food. By the time these corporations realize the mistake it is too late and we are mostly back to cave men and women. I would love for it to be #1 but I have a funny feeling it won’t be.

This guy fucks

This is really, really shitty. It’s so full of errors–from the very first frame!–that it would take probably more than ten times the length of the video to explain. What a lousy, misleading piece of shit!

When he does little girl voice he sounds like gru from despicable me

Starcraft? You gotta be shitting me. AoK defined the genre and was the ultimate achievement of RTS. Counterunits meant you actually had to use strategy instead of mindlessly going through a clickfest rush.


Snapchat name: maisie_wallace came here from snapchat;)


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