Python 3 Programming Course: 2 – Installing Python on Linux


Hey Derek! Do you have a persuasion tutorial? Or are there specific tricks to persuade someone?

Does anyone know what is the music in 47:21 ??

Its a little fast

Omg this is so funny

It’s actually quite funny to see or rather hear people from other parts of Germany trying to sing along with the Karneval-Songs and replacing the Kölsch words with similar sounding ones, that have a completely different meaning 😀

That. Was. Amazing. to me

Such is the ‘reasoning’ of most people today, and though the term may sound counter-intuitive,

Hay mas tipos pero me da flojera escribir

At 17:14 he called this man child of Yakub!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol (Yakub is the scientific creator of the devil also known as the “white man” in the NOI muslim sect)

If rule utilitarianism is maximizing pleasure without producing harm or fear, then it would be acceptable to put some form of pleasure-inducing drug in the tap-water. It would be acceptable to place a computer-chip inside everyone’s brains, that place them in a perpetual state of bliss, no matter what is happening to them, and controlling their bodies like puppets. Maximum pleasure, Maximum productivity, Minimum damages. Ultimate utility. we become the borg on ecstasy. There’s no “Created fear” involved. no fear of sudden death for being “harvested”. you still live a productive and happy life, and in fact you are less likely to have anything “bad” happen to you. if everyone gets chipped, there are no murderers or rapists.

I remixed this trailer check it! /watch? v=3NiMSouQsWs

NOT to create a psychological profile of the proletarian, or the feminist, or the gay, or the ‘queer’.

The way you teaching is great…

Ever since then, I’ve loved this channel

Star Trek Bridge Commander!!! Glad they didnt put up civilization


Oh my god, thank you so much!


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