Python 3 Programming Course: 8 – Conditional Statements


The guys got great sense of humour and he’s quite intelligent as well

Thr ideas have been well potrayed. Can you please make further videos on the philosophy of Bhagwat Gita and basic tenets of Hinduism? People will find it is not very far off Buddhism, and have them clear yheir superstitions regarding it

#3: Start Mixing.

Is it me or he is rapping or could be with quite ease?

It’s not their own superior knowledge of how language “should be”, it’s their knowledge of how language IS. English isn’t some freetime hobby we kind of take part in for the sake of it. English is like a house; the more thought, time and understanding put into building it the stronger it’s going to be, except in this case knowing English is free which leaves no excuse. Few people who express bad English are doing so simply by choice and actually know how to speak/write. Those who don’t know how to speak/write (given that they’ve had ample opportunity to learn) make a mockery of the language along with making themselves appear unintelligent.

Sophie’s Choice deserved a mention. Fine list though

Better at 2x

Me: I am a very confusing human being and that I will forever be lonely, but I didn’t need a handwriting lecture to know that. 😂😂😂

Bro it was good

The song at the beginning of the movie is an Iranian (Persian) song performed by “Salar Aghili”. Yo can hear it at https://soundcloud. com/sepehrijan/track-1

Microwave music. This isn’t lyricism now call me a hater

My handwriting never change anytime😀

Please take that voice away

I just want to ask all these pandit’s and brahmin’s that has any god ever spoke to them or told them to do so…

Love you so much! ❤️ your videos so inspirational! Xx

They of all people should understand that non-programmers wouldnt figure it out as quickly

Mate thanks a lot!

This isn’t microecnomics this is macro

The contradiction and mental conflict arises from the fact you are stuck between choosing one or the other and thinking within these two paradigms. A psychological conundrum that is not real.

Leland Stanford Junior University is named after the child of Leland Stanford, not himself. smh😒

Man o man

Ummmmmm doesn’ t apply to me at all

2:07 Anyone else sing & hum to the outro?


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