Python 3 Programming Course: 9 – If, Elif, and Else


Great one

Hi, any girls here

But half the world is depressed, or they know of relatives who have depression.

That’s a prime example of a brilliant presentation using Comic Sans.


I think part of Rick HAS to believe in God in some way shape or form, but knowing as much as he does know, perhaps he feels less distant from God in terms of power and prestige and just as he treats everyone he really loves like dirt when things are same old same old, His relationship to God is just the same. The only tender moments are when he’s gotten all the malarky out of his system and its time to really St. Michael down on some last minute forgiveness.

C&C 3 too…

Edgar, eagerly awaiting the next language vid.

That getting laid thing was a joke. Like, about dudes who think that if they know something about feminism they might get laid. Nevermind.

Cause without me rhyming I have a stutter,

This was an amazing watch. Thank you for putting this together for us.

IMPORTED GRAPHICS??? Disliked. Unsubbed. Uncommented.

Omg i cant believe he died :'(

Google “Truthcontest” if you are ready to learn the truth of life.

Juega minecraft story mode

Hi liz, is this for academic ielts exam only or it can be for general exam as well?

Can you do wisecrack philosophy of spongebob??

So much butthurt in the comments. I think the interview was fine on both sides.

I village love story I like y

It’s rare that a youtube video leaves me speechless, but somehow, you do it every single time.

Love it!!! u rock Smart learning for all indeed!


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