Python 3: Programming Tools Tutorial Video: Iterators and Generators


– Within the Velayat Faghih concept in Shiism, if the cleric does not have “maghbuliat”, which means the support of the majority of the people, he cannot be the ruler. That is why the Supreme Leader in Iran is indirectly “elected” by the people.

Subscrıbed! Mıss Emma you are already helpıng me rememberso much ı forgot ın hıgh school.

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OMG! Nice video you got there! Love the idea of Micro Vs Macro

Thank you, thank you, Thank YOU!

In these shadowy tresses

The fact that he has no real opinions of his own, combined with his incoherent and yet always vaguely hateful manner of speaking, allows the bigots of the nation to essentially project their own views onto him.

Thanks for showing the things like they are. i get awake…

Be sounds like a pathological lying moron.

Well, I think I might pass my economics test tomorrow, thank you SO much!! (and omg bless the quick and dirty trick)

Griffin comesss

This sounds like the start of animal farm

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I wish the good health for every one^^

Smashing thanks a lot! Very useful

Perfect video to introduce my kids on what is persuasive writing. Love that you have all the following steps! Very exciting! Thank you!

But it is a banality, since if we had stepped in front of an approaching train,


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