Python 3 Programming Tutorial [18] Len() Function and In Operator!


I have this issue where I change my handwriting. Can’t help it. Pointed, round, sloping, non sloping, connected letters, not connected. However I always slash my Ts at the very top.

2) Hans is dividing the world in closed parts when it is strenghtening its argumentation. This is all wrong, people from africa move to europe and poor people are not feeling the effect of densification in the same way asia or europe did. Comparing african situation to past asian one is completely irrelevant. Migration sustain population growth by shifting burden to other part where fossil energy can help.

This was actually very helpful. Thank you so much!

I absolutely love your speech and your video! It is an amazing inspiration for our world!

They worked with him his whole life That’s a like a kid being stuck in school forever. And now they are doing it to another bird. But this time around they know which learning techniques work and which don’t

Rude son of a bitch


Anyone on her want to help me speak Norwegian? I can help you to speak English In return 🙂

Literally have my literature exam in 2 hours 😮

Yo shkreli is kinda a g. he was soning charlamagne lol.

I think these videos are gonna be my life saver when it comes to me doing my exams!! Please can you do Spanish if you get the chance xx

Anyone go look for him on snap chat while watching the video? lol

Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

“they [the US companies] focus on the things they’re better at producing” – and an Image of a Space X Rocket pops out – top lel, from the creators of the most deadly and unreliable space programme.

Damn it why did I choose this one, I love Beethoven so much I can’t focus.


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