Python 3 Programming Tutorial [7] Type Conversion (Tip Calculator)


Your voice is sooooooooooooooo annoying.

Outstanding and insightful. Pantheist. Have you done a segment on Moby Dick? “Endless seeker with no past at my back.”

Puts my baby to sleep everytime 🙂

3.sees an angry guy wants to beat you

Thank you very much for this. Very helpful. Much appreciated.

Nice! there should be videos on Rumi or Ibn Arabi as well it would be amazing to share their cool ideas in this format

I knew it! i knew u were gonna say that -,-

I love it…hes so encouraging too, especially the last sentence “you will write an incredible essay” …i wish my asian parents would say the same thing.

And here i am. mia the girl. who thinks abou the cello and adsm and wether there is a letter waiting for her at home.

I want class through WhatsApp +9779845445684

You know mr poopy buthole said “IN LIKE A YEAR AND A HALF… or longer” right? sad times

Nothing but hate in these comments. All coming from people who think that anyone who speaks with a southern drawl is an uneducated racist, yet you brutally attack any black, hispanic, woman or gay person who doesn’t toe the liberal line. You’re all hypocrites. You are all every bit as ignorant as you accuse Donald Trump of being….”Believe me”.

I would oscillate the trolley until it falls off the tracks and stops.

“Honor someone’s worth at work”…I definitely agree with putting the value of humanity back into human resources. I have my B. A. in Organizational Leadership and I have been seeking to no avail a position to where I can accurately and “humanly” implement new ways of attracting top talent, engaging employees, and helping employees grow personally and professionally. In most businesses, especially corporations and large non-profits, the most important factor is the bottom line number. It sucks to have to work in an environment where a person is just a means to an end. Seeing this talk gives me hope that I will be able to be an influencer of a movement to improve the quality of an employee’s work-life and ultimately increase business performance.

Explained good…but the way he is explaining makes me sleepy.

The true problem about us is the following:

I knew he was a retard ever since I first watched The Apprentice.

Would be interesting to hear you talking about The Sims language 🙂

I think Existent in itself has purely no meaning, and in those tiny 80 years of life, we contribute very little to the universe in the grant scheme of things. What matter is what we pass on from our mere and short existence, an idea, an ideology, a code to live by, etc.


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