Python 3 Programming Tutorial [8] Random Numbers


What did you think? Was it helpful? Do you want me to make a macro version?

That was rude Beaker.

Wow, feel like taking over the world now!

Marvel is the only films iv

Im left handed and my handwriting is different all the time

You forgot the Indo Europeans in America.

That’s why extremes are good for judging the value of middle, about the cows conundrum, the excess of cows can be used to make hamburgers for those who don’t have any cows, math and other sciences could be used to calculate the optimal amount of cows for the said green surface, each cow has a limit of how much grass it needs per day, the surface of the green field has a specified amount of grass it’s easy to establish how much cows can use that field optimally without losses of any kind

Everyone is uniquely creative, and even if you think that C-Bots (I’m gonna call them that) can give all words in all dictionaries, that says nothing about how they associated them, which is a creative process; moreover, if they simply associate them by how quickly they can be written, or how much quicker it is to go in number of letters, they’re not being creative, they’re being efficient.

Porque não legendar em português?

Da move is real

Thanks alot james.

Giving a list as well as examples of your abilities and accomplishments coupled with how they relate to the position and what you (your skills) can do for the company is the appropriate answer for this question.

Great question at the end Noam!

We need to know nothing more about it…

Y’all ready for this?

Is number of points on circle really countable? I don’t think that way of counting points would cover the whole circle because, as an example, we would never reach the opposite point with the starting point!

I believe capitalism liberates us… compared to communism!

Whereby sexual orientation itelf became an element in the equation of the distribution of power and political practice…

I didnt know that Santa was mean

Listening to this while I work, and the crows freaked out my therapy rabbit….She was laying down all relaxed until they came in! She’s confused where the birds are hahaha it’s pretty cute


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