Python 3 Programming Tutorial – Matplotlib Labels and titles


Tomorrow he was going to bring Skinny Puppy or the Misfits. Or maybe he’d make a spe – cial bus tape with as much screaming and wailing on it as possible.

TED – Ed couldn’t afford a good spanish speaker

Peter Pan’s story (movie that is actually filmed in real life) kind of follows the pattern: Spoiler Alert!!!!!!!!!


Soon Arabic will be Germany’s official language :{.

It really takes concentration, to understand just how devious and deceptive queer academia really are.

Thank you so much!

Don’t most people do that..?

Mental Reconstruction Nostalgia

Mother fucking Crab Nicholson!

Damn islam actually is a disease @ _ @

In a similar position, it does the same thing.” –Holmes Jr., Oliver

This should be call all inglish literature is just a copy of Spanish literature so go study that so you can understand how inglish literature is just a cheap copy


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