Python 3 Programming Tutorial – Tkinter adding images and text


A “hyperbolic brand” … lulz. He lies. the

I love the end

Nice ACDC belt buckle lmao

5:47 major key

Tnx for this discussion, its really2x helped me to understand the circular flow of economy!!!

Hi I love your videos Dani!! , Could you please send me your notes as I need help with economics too :jthompsonmoore@gmail. com

The earth was made to support us, provide the food we need, provide the water we need. So why do we have the nerve to build FACTORYS THAT CAUSE POLLUTION? WE DECIDE THAT KILLING THE EARTH MAKES IT BETTER.

Writing a persuasive speech and already over my time limit and not halfway done…

Priest-“He doesn’t have it in him to study and be wise.”? No. He doesn’t have it in him to be a fat, greedy, demon, pig. That priest is pissing me off.

John Green dutch capatalism

I’m missing a lot of games, only played sc2, wc3 and AoE II damn, I think i’m going to buy now Company of Heroes

What if the 5 people had killed each 1 person and that 1 person hadn’t.

I like Bernies accent 😂😂

This proves that all Whovians are awsome.

Pu’veHK yiroqH!


What about Stronghold?? All of you check it out if you don’t know about it. I got a bit angry not seeing it on the list. It is an amazing game and REALLY good detail 🙁


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