Python 3 programming Tutorial: With Statement (opening a file)


My teacher put his video in class and i cried😥😥😭😫😪

Hello! To what exam boards would this information be applicable to – I’m doing edexcel B but we haven’t covered for example how income inequality is tackled? Love your videos by the way Dal!!!

This is the best video in the whole internet

He’s soooo cute omg

Both by Ransom Riggs.

WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!! Lord of the Rings 9th PLACE!!!! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU!!!!!!!! It was voted best book in the world in the 20th century! IDIOTS!!!!!! Commentators can say what they want but this is BULLSHIT!!!

Sir is that for edexcel econ exam?

Anyone else checking the comments to see if there’s a jump scare warning?

Rewatching. . . Again

I am preparing for uiic AO….plz provide some more about this

“People are more important than things.”

The male lion cub BECOMES an adult male lion, because of time, and his successful (‘performative’) acts that sustained his life. Acts that NECESSARILY were the substance of his road to adulthood: he played, slept, hunted, mated and ‘performed’ all those acts.


Great video, thanks.

Great work! david

Alought it is ture, but god didn’t plan for humam to live in that weird garden forever.

Vielleicht ein schwäbischer werden dies Video sehen?


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