Python 3 & Python 2.7 dual install – the right way on OSX


Lol, totally failed to nail it. dewey. duh.

Nope lady I don’t have family like that… you might… but I don’t.

Ohhh myyyy godddddd jack was so…….. WEEEEEIIIIIRRRRRDDDDD

Please do science and maths

This helped me a lot back during my times in high school! I enjoyed the instrumental as well!

Usa to blame for destroying Iran. Keep your fkn noses out of others bussiness. Mossadegh could have changed the world for the better

You are amazing mam iam also doing ielts you are lacture are helping me and thanks a lot may god bless you

Hey!..don’t u worry about your decision!…it is worth it! trust me!!…. Anyway, congo for ur courage!…i personally am in a gap year and trust me..u will re-discover yourself! and become more mature and confident!…i know that!.. Best of luck!!..

AP tomorrow!

So FC doesnt affect MC in anyway

They say the smartest of people wouldn’t want to run for president.

I show this video to friends and family most of them only watch I few seconds before turning it off they seem to refuse to see reality and went back to watch the MTV bullshit I don’t understand why they won’t finish watching it

Can some body help me

1:10 – 1:35

So how did everyone do? It was so much harder than I expected! 😭😩😭

How can i get the specification?

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