Python 3: Read CSV files


That can be a good thing for students since so many seem to struggle with the balanced budget multiplier. It still helps to demonstrate how spending is more powerful than taxation through the Keynesian model.

Rah she’s posh

1:09 Zoroastrianism is monotheitic (I guess some ancient versions aren’t but Zirban is more just from the ancient Persian religion than Zoroastrianism)


This channel is cancer

Rappers are comfortable knowing they’re famous

1. age of empires

I do speak two lenguage Spanish and English and i trying to get better in French and Russian.

Loving it! The World of Goo team is the best.

Euphory and Depression… two faces

No it didn’t matched to myself

He is amazing



I agree that technology itself does not educate, but can be implemented to enhance, the learnng environment. Boredom or irrelevance would not help the learner learn. A good educator can combine new and emergng technologies with tried and trusted educational strategies to help the student concentrate for long enough to focus their attenton on gaining the receptive state you mentioned. I would replace all technology for a great educator but if I could have both, I would.



You forgot to say about Iraq-Iran War in 1980.

Thank you very much for your sharing

And lets not forget that Germany did not start a war with us. They went along with Japan because they were allies, but Germany did not want the U. S> in the war, same way Hitler pleaded with Britain not to get involved.(need to understand a little more from history people) But yes there is no excuse why the God Emperor of Japan is mentioned, probably a thousand to ten thousand times less than the country that did not attack us. I heard people say “Well Nazis were mean” Sorry chumps but the Japanese were every bit as racist and Mean as the Nazis, even more so with there experiments of cutting pregnant women open with no Anastasia so they could see how they a live baby in the womb reacted to there chemical weapons.

Tony, he talks and talks and talks with more additional talk tossed in for good measure, but I am still waiting for the golden egg to be laid, and waiting? And when he talks about needs, isn’t he describing Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs? A brilliant speaker (a genius) who can convert a boring textbook into an adventure of a life time, but essentially the contents its a still a boring textbook? Maybe I need to listen to fifty more hours of talking before things click? Just not sure?

Interesting video. Thanks man!


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