Python 3 Text Adventure part 1 – Introduction


So cool

I uploaded an audible poem on my channel (just a test video really, about depression). In some ways I am highjacking the comments section of this video but I encourage anybody who has a pen or a keyboard, to try and write something. Depression or bipolar disorder rumbles within us and for some, expressing yourself is a kind of therapy.

Great video. However, as an authentic English professor i would like to see authentic English words such as summarise being spelt the correct way. Not the American way.

“All was well.”

I found this video very educating. Thank you for posting. Can somebody recommend me an interesting article on this topic?

What about free will?

Super plumps voice is like… I forgot his name but it’s from despicable me

Ask someone with a degree in statistics 😀

1:23 guy is asleep!

How many takes were needed for this masterpiece

Your hotel faces remind me of little cartoon heads with just eyes and a nose.

Has no one stated that Kickstarters fail because they are an attempt to redefine the free market agreement between merchant and customer?

Night before the AP exam anyone?

So if another man gets kicked in the nads when I get that feeling that’s because of Mirror Neurons?

@whotohw I can imagine yes – I learned some Mandarin too and I gotta admit its really different from any other language I have met. Also, these tones sometimes appear to be more important than clear pronounciation – I’ve heard chinese people who hardly spoke any consonant at all and still the other chinese were able to understand just from the chain of toned vowels…

Good vid. but… Frodo isn’t human =P


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