Python 3 Tutorial 10: If elif and else statements



She’s talking too much she should have kept it brief but relevant. She’s also waving her hands around too much. I interviewed someone once and they waved their hands around like she did, which after about 2 minutes started to really piss me off, so guess what, I didn’t hire them, as hand waving to me is a sign of nerves.

“Hero of our time”

Writing about a girl that can shapeshift…i think I need more upbeat music😀

Congrats on making an episode about Utilitarianism without mentioning the trolley problem

With regard

Good luck, angel. Follow the formulas. Get a GED practice book and do the practice essays.

Fucking brilliant.

This actually made sense

“Y’all smoke to die, I smoke to enjoy it” ~Looking for Alaska, John Green

Hey watched all your video, they are very helpful, I also bought your Ultimate Review Package. However I can find slow swan model 🙁

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Thrilled that we could help you out 🙂 Keep going 😀

In reality Butler’s lesbian fans usually don’t understand the work; the only thing they do appear to get is that Butler is a lesbian and an academic star, and therefore a rolemodel.

Jumped from a bunch of game of thrones videos that I had to play at 1.5x, and then I got to this one. Boy did I have to drop everything and listen…

The reason why people complain that trade destroys jobs isn’t because it’s not mutually beneficial, it’s because monopolies can be created and abused without regulation. If all the world’s water fell into one country, free trade would enslave the world overnight. The same with labor and a clear advantage that a country like China has over it. There has to be some sort of Tariffs to counter this advantage.

Honestly I was expecting click bate cancer but I was very pleased with what you made, good job and keep it up.

Its because of our knowledge that this happende, this was what god feared to happen.

Who is in charge of osx freezing?

In her 1969 book Sexual Politics, Kate Millet, referencing Money’s previous work, wrote:

In case of canibalism, they refused to kill one person for other 3 person, but they were okay to kill one guy saving 5 person in the lorry case, what are they idiots! Moral is subjective, but the best thing we can do in govern it by logic, but the people who were against canibalism simply had no logic with them. and their blf is contradictory.

Dang this guy is poetic

What so this game is out never knew it badass looking


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