Python 3 Tutorial 11: Dictionaries Pt 1


-2 current day economic systems are market economies and planned economies (which comes down to who owns and controls the factors of production) → Karl Marx classified these as Land, labour, and capital

Man’s search for meaning, Meditations, Ordinary Men

Weak list


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1987 = Good Song


I get that this is the opinion of those at the WatchMojo office, but how did you guys not include, or even mention, The Divine Comedy or Paradise Lost?

4:25 well, wouldn’t it still be better jobs, just fewer of them

Now we’re all gunna have the same context – reckon the examiners will clock?

8 million lonely people watched this

This is some quality damn content here. 30 minutes, no annoying nonsense, interesting subject matter, and an engaging and likable host.

And though the discipline is still in the making and in its infancy, it is developing and spreading fast.

That’s a great question and I’ll try to explain why we live in the Matrix. We are living a lie because the Fed and US economy is caught in a policy failure of the early 1990’s: the investment class (or.001%) have policy partnered with poorer households( Mexico /china) with a much lower resource cost to business and put American households income under considerable downward pressure. The investment class like the renewed profits made by offshoring their businesses. The once high US consuming households who think their jobs were safe have increased their debt and saved little (commonly called a Minsky Moment).The fourth money supply trick is that wall street and Washington can distort important commodities (oil) and currencies through fiat money printing to emulate interest rate drop on the average consumer. When you can’t lower interest rates there is the ‘good news’ of lower oil (et al). By keeping the US dollar high compared to other countries(purchasing power) Americans feel rich (thus socially stable) and the one and only lucrative export still protected is military( and associated) sales. The middle east must be kept unstable for four reasons: 1. to keep the US oil supplies high and at the right price. 2. Keep middle east leaders needing US military protection creating multilateral instability 3 To ensure Israel expansion further beyond GASA. 4 Keeping the US as the worlds only super power will keep the US dollar as the worlds gold currency. Only a few in Washington understand this plot and it is in conflict with a moral America who could not possibly think that their own governments could be causing so much unbelievable grief to the world. Reality is stranger than the fictional storey of the Matrix which is a great movie.

Do you have a video on elastic supply?

5:24 dumb lol

Yeah we do. in modern greek we have four cases.

Bless his southern heart XD

“go get a voice coach” – to mke ppl listen to u 😂

According to this video im artistic, creative, good selfesteem, optimistic, ambitious, expressive, social, talkative, imaginative, and childlike. honestly if i think about it thats all true.

Had no idea that this was a thing, but I’ve always done it, thought that’s what it was what you were supposed to do


Why 60 seconds only…..

Taher ben jelloun is a very popular and famous Moroccan author


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